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Developing your strategy of Social Media Marketing? How is it going? Do you find it difficult? Having a social media strategy has become essential for any company or brand you want to have controlled their social ecosystem. Indeed, it is important to know that while being on these social networks is important and highly recommended, is counterproductive to build a company or brand exclusively on third-party platforms, whether Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other social platform.

Social MediaIn this article I will answer very common questions when it comes to a good start in social media What kind of strategy should take to succeed in social networking with my products or services? How to use social networking companies to find more customers, increase your reputation and make more sales effectively? And many more. Learn the essentials that will make your social media marketing from being a waste of time to a powerful, profitable and effective channel.

Key steps in your strategy in Social Networks

1. Prepare well your base

Your base is your website or blog. It’s your tool for everything and your landing page for your marketing actions,but it is very important to control the user experience, content and design. In your page or blog is where you demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about and what you publish, so it is essential to create high quality content that demonstrates your experience a pleasant, accessible and linkable way.

When someone wants to know more about you and your services and products, we have to send to your website or blog

First impressions are always important, so make sure the design of your website or blog is clean, professional and elegant. At the end of the day, it remains a content marketing tool, with which you can communicate directly with your customers.

2. Knows well who is the face of your business

If you use social platforms like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, you need a human face to make your marketing campaign work properly. The key is to adopt a “person” or a way of being, which expresses your thoughts, feelings and observations. But beware, not good share absolutely “everything” about your “true” profile with your social networking connections.

You have to be social and casual, but a relevant, appropriate and interesting way for users to whom you are addressing. What I ask is that you be nice and genuine. Write and publish as a human being, not a corporate robot.

If it works for your customers, as appropriate.

Nor obsequies you talking about your business again and again. It’s good to show that you have life and that much more after your services and products. Yes, very careful what you say because it is not as good to show the world that are careless, rude or bored. The reality, though sometimes it hurts, is that it all depends on your audience, since they have the power to get on the pedestal on the floor. They define the meaning of “adequate”.

3. Identify your potential customers

I’m sure, at some point, you’ve seen accounts that have hundreds of thousands of followers and, most likely, you wonder: How Do They Do It? Can I reach even half? Etc. which you are aware is that number is bulky, but the interaction with the brand is very low. One reason for this to occur is that your followers are not connected with the contents of your brand or business.

It is this step where you should ask yourself create promotional strategies and base them on what your customers want and want. It is important that you find and you commit to the communities where they are your potential clients through a sincere attempt to help. Looking at how these communities interact in different social networks that your target audience frequents (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) using a social networking strategy aimed at attracting potential customers.

4. Be aware of who else has your customers

Social networks have been designed for anyone to hang out, in an easy and fun way. That means that one of your most important goals is to build relationships that will help your business. Looking for optimal hearing and as large as possible to fit well to your products and services.

They can be bloggers, can be authors may have a popular podcast or column in a media. They can be simply fans of social networks that have lots of friends and like to share quality content. These and some more are usually the kind of people you want to share and promote your excellent content, as long as they put it easy.

Cultivate professional relationships is not difficult. If you follow a few basic concepts, you link to them from your content, you make constructive comments on their blogs and social platforms are a normal person you can trust, you have done almost 99% of the work. The rest is a mixture of luck and effort.

Note: Search or create controversy fight not only make you stand out, but it will be like a troll in the eyes of users (if you have to if or when, is very friendly and makes clear your position)

5. Choose a main social platform

Again touches you analyze where your customers are. If you like Twitter, but your customers spend more hours a day on Facebook, it’s drawer that Facebook is the social network where you should focus your online marketing efforts. Expand your horizons and go beyond your main platform when you’re 100% certain master it. The time required to master a social network depends on your budget, staff, objectives and sector.

There are numerous social platforms that offer companies the possibility of a direct approach with customers to discuss what they like and dislike about their products or services. This dynamic, if properly exploited, will be heard to help you listen to constantly improve. Before choosing the network that suits you, ask what you’d get. Normally you’d increase sales, increase engagement and achieve greater customer loyalty or simply catch the attention of your customers.

6. Assign a budget

Internet and social networks, although many although they are not free. A social media strategy requires a number of expenses (sometimes it is investment in the future of your company) of which can not escape, if you want to do things right, and as I am talking about the keys to success with your social media strategy, then you have to be very well controlled budget for:

  1. Staff: The famous community Manager (or social media manager)
  2. Ads or Ads: The need in all social networks, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, Ads Instagram, Youtube Ads, etc)
  3. Marketing activities: Are you going to make a contest or make a gift? Are you going to negotiate a trip?
  4. Online tools is an obligation to have management tool, measurement and analysis of your campaigns,especially the payment Or do you want to spend on social media not knowing what to get in return?

Note: Provide online tools speeds up work and helps you measure and analyze better. For example, there are tools that let you manage the publication on social networks in much less time.

7. Take time to schedule content

The content and social networks have a close relationship. From your social profiles you can not afford to share anything and be too inexperienced or just hone your social media channels and start running right and left. Not all content is valid, not all forms of publishing works and will publish at any time will not work either. You must share attractive, interesting, impressive, unique and quality content for your target audience.

The organization in social networks is critical and can become a competitive advantage.

It is best to plan and develop a strategy specific content, creating, selecting and publishing the best content to the target audience. A good idea is to do a weekly calendar and plan type that you’re sharing (articles of your blog or other), images, infographics, videos, etc), content when (morning, afternoon or evening?) where.

Note: Do not begin to publish until you know what you share and at what time. Nobody likes a social profile that has no interaction

8. Talk and connect with your audience

It is not the first (nor the last) that experts repeated again and again that all your business should revolve around the conversation. This form of conversation usually ends in companies devoted many hours (and money) “talking” to potential customers (or even their friends and connections), hoping that eventually buy any of their products or services. But they forget the most important thing, which is nothing more than:

  1. Be friendly and helpful
  2. Keep an exhaustive control of customer complaints so that they can respond appropriately
  3. Connect with colleagues in your industry to maintain your healthy connections and links

Take time to create high quality content, whether in your own website or blog, or through guest blogging to reach a wider audience. Use the contents to educate your customers about what they need to know to make a purchase of the unrepentant (answer can focus on and address the objections, questions and problems of your customers). If you find content from someone who your customers are valuable, share and adds some conversation starter ideas.

Even a tweet (100 characters) can have valuable content, you just have to think hard about what you can say that will make the lives of your readers better or more comfortable instead of just putting “something” that does not attract or generate engagement to connect with users.

Note: Make sure that your reader has a good experience every time you see or hear something about you. Make yourself useful and entertaining. Think of the conversation on social media as a condiment that makes your content more palatable, but that does not make main dish.

9. Measures and activities

Like I said at the beginning of the article, more and more companies use social networks as part of their marketing strategy. It is a high percentage of companies, nearly 80% (according to a study published in Regus), which considered social networks as an essential part to the success of their marketing campaigns and more than 50% say that it has won customers through social media. For this and much more it is vital to measure the results of marketing activities on social networks to draw conclusions.

Without an accurate measurement you can not know whether the objectives are being met.

In social networks it is complicated concisely evaluate the return on investment. There are several tools that allow you to analyze and monitor quantitative and qualitative actions, campaigns, interactions and executed marketing plans, in order to study the impacts generated by your activity, which in most cases indirectly make a dent in the branding and brand awareness, resulting in a constant and growing savings in investment in advertising in other media.Also, sales and encourage loyalty in consumer confidence and to help generate you viralizer the message to target audience. It is also important to know your opponents, explain why some of the most important reasons why they should keep track of the competition:

  • Identify weaknesses: Identify weaknesses of your competition can serve to create strong points in consideration, that allow you to offer potential customers what they they fail.
  • Reports from their mistakes: As we said before, we must not only learn from our mistakes, but also of those who have committed our competitors in order to avoid falling into them.
  • Inspiration: In order to take new ideas and inspiration from successful actions that have obtained.
  • Information of the user reviews: Analyzing the various competing brands we know what users think of these brands, they demand, what they like most and how to satisfy them.
  • Ahead of the competition: By measuring the analysis of competition in social media, we can predict their behavior and achieve anticipate their own online marketing strategies.
  • Identify potential customers: Certainly one of the greatest achievements in measuring competition in Social Media is to identify future prospects for our brand.

Note: It is seen from the perspective you see, measure and analyze all data generated by social networks is not easy, and as long story if we get through the competition. Therefore, arm yourself with good professionals, to help you get good conclusions

10. Do not forget the SMO or social optimization

The SMO or Social Media Optimization refers to the actions taken on social networks (forums, blogs, social networks …) and optimizing these to achieve the objectives of marketing and / or communication set in the digital marketing plan:

  1. Provide the user who can share content on social networks, e-mail, blogs, etc.
  2. Distribute content in different social networks: Tweets on Twitter, social bookmarking, blogs, forums, etc.
  3. Reward those who will help spread the content
  4. Adapt the content to other formats: slideshare presentations, videos, infographics, etc.
  5. Encourage the mashup and allow users to rework the content

In contrast to the SEO positioning, offers certain advantages, because we can drive traffic to our web quickly (It is common to see the days following actions SMO how the number of visits has increased), though, in return, it also presents some disadvantages, such that results are achieved in the short term (last only a short time if we do it on a continuous basis) and depend solely on social networks and proactivity of users.

Now your turn to pursue success

I hope these keys have left you clear the importance of having clear and well structured and prepared a good marketing in social networks. Without a good foundation and a good marketing plan in the operate social networks become a kind of Russian roulette or beginner’s luck. Use the tools strategically, focusing on content and getting a helpful message in front of a large audience and I’m sure you’ll have much success.

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