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If you say something on behalf of eBay, one of the largest bazaars Internet means that on occasion have fallen into their networks and have made ​​a purchase, without being soothsayer, chances are you’ve used PayPal to complete your transaction. Whether for personal or professional use PayPal is without doubt the most popular online payment service for sending and receiving money. However, the Internet payment company begins to have worthy competition to be mentioned, which is becoming a clear alternative, because it can even improve their service online payment gateway.

PaypalAccording to predictions, the market for mobile online payment transactions will reach a sum of $ 235 billion in next year. That’s why some important players such as Facebook and Apple, are beginning to develop their own mobile payment services online. PayPal has to start putting meat on the grill, especially with the large number of complaints about poor customer service and the freezing of certain accounts for no apparent reason.

What is Paypal and how it works

PayPal is a company in the e-commerce sector, the system allows users to make payments and transfers through Internet without sharing financial information with the recipient, with the only requirement that these have email. It’s a fast system and safe to send and receive money. PayPal processes transactions for individuals, buyers and online vendors, auction sites and other commercial applications. Most of its clientele comes from eBay online auction site, a company bought Paypal in October 2002.

It works by associating a card either credit or debit card to your account, from which paypal will have access for the customer payments do… This is great for security concerns since all customer information is handled closed since paypal own servers and client should only provide your email, the point is that you should trust bank details to a third party but paypal is a company that has many years in the market and has never been characterized by profit from customer information.

Why you need alternatives to PayPal

There are many reasons to offer multiple payment options for your customers, but here are some of the most important:

Your customers can not always make or accept payments via PayPal: This is the main reason for offering alternative online payment. There are always people who can not (or will not) pay or receive money via PayPal. In this case, if you do not offer alternatives will lose these customers (On the other hand, we need you to make some estimates, not always offer more payment options increase your income)
Your PayPal account has been blocked: Not the first time I hear that Paypal accounts blocked for various reasons, or none at all (for what victims say). The moral is that there is a risk that stop you Paypal account if you do not follow their rules, so leave your online payments to a single supplier is an unnecessary risk
You need a more secure way to receive payments, especially for large sums: PayPal is very suitable for small amounts of money, but if you are sending or receiving several thousand euros regularly, then you better values ​​hire other payment methods as checks or bank transfers
You want to reduce the cost PayPal fees are not the lowest in the online payment industry, so you can expect to pay hundreds or even thousands of euros extra per month in commissions There are alternative lower cost but with limitations.. In fact, if cost reduction is your main objective to seek alternative PayPal, your options are limited
Note: If you do not identify within some of these reasons, then you should consider using other online payment systems to supplement or even replace PayPal

Alternative online payment system PayPal

  • 2Checkout: By combining a merchant account with a payment gateway 2Checkout allows customers to receive credit card and PayPal payments. The company also has international payments, a shopping cart and a very safe billing system.
  • Authorize: Authorize.net has existed since 1996 and is one of the gateways over Internet ultilizadas payment. It has more than 400,000 merchants and has been the winner of Customer Excellence (ACE) award for five consecutive years.
  • Braintree: Braintree has grown steadily since 2007. Some of the features of the platform includes a payment gateway, billing, storage of credit card, and allowing businesses to accept payments by credit card online (from mobile too) through a merchant account.
  • Click2Sell: While Click2Sell has the usual features found in any substitute PayPal is one of the few who accept online payments with PayPal, Google Checkout, Moneybookers and credit cards, or have no merchant account. But also has affiliate tracking, powerful reporting and automated sales management. They also have sales leaders reporting tools so you can better understand their strategies and sales tactics.
  • ClickBank: ClickBank has been around since 1998 and offers a large variety of easy to use online payments. Really does everything for you, including the development and optimization of an online store for your products. Basically it is an all-in-one store for online business.
  • Dwolla: Dwolla is very similar to PayPal, as it lets you do almost everything from sending money to friends to accept payment in your company. What is unique about this service is that if both sides have a Dwolla account, then you can pay using your name, ID Facebook, Twitter user profile LinkedIn, phone number or email address.
  • Google Wallet: Google Wallet is the old Google Checkout. The name has changed, but its features have not. It is safe, simple and has fast transfers to and from your bank account. PayPal has similar features such as credit card processing power and the ability to send invoices.
  • Intuit: Intuit is an essential online service if you own a small business that needs help with their finances. Besides being able to accept payments both online and in person with GoPayment, it can also help you pay employees, calculate and file taxes and payroll forms.
  • Payoneer: Payoneer is a service with which you can shop online through a MasterCard prepaid card that each user will receive mail. You can load money via credit card or bank transfers easily and annual maintenance costs required are very low. It is available in almost every country in the world. An interesting fact is that the money on the account can be used in physical stores, as if it were a debit card.
  • Paymate: Paymate is designed for sellers established in Australia and New Zealand to make transactions from their websites or through eBay. Anyway also accepts user purchases from several countries (60 exactly). International buyers can make their transactions through credit cards safely without having Paymate account (which does not happen with Paypal).
  • Payza: Payza can send and receive money in more than 190 countries and in 21 different currencies. You can add funds to the account by credit card or wire transfer, with the United States and Canada, the two most important countries in the presence of this online payment service. The fees charged are low and when compared with those charged by Paypal further. From its center you can solve problems resolutions related to the transactions. The service is targeted or is it really useful for online marketers.
  • ProPay: ProPay offers similar features, being a clear alternative online payment. It includes the ability to receive and send money anywhere in the world, a recurring billing system and integrated shopping cart. A great advantage over others ProPay offers is that you pay on eBay. ProPay JAK is also a credit card reader for mobile phone that can process credit and debit cards in real time on Android and iOS phones.
  • Skrill: Skrill, formerly Moneybookers, has some very interesting features like free start-up, dues discounts and the ability to send text messages directly from your account. Besides being an alternative to PayPal, the service is recommended for international traders as it allows to transfer the balance of your account to a prepaid debit card within minutes.
  • Stripe: Stripe is a fast-growing startup eliminates the need for a merchant account or gateway. He is a manager of all your payment needs from storage card to the subscription management to direct payments to your bank account. The developers of this tool online payment are assessing the ability to integrate a payment system using its API.
  • WePay: Besides having perfect customer service and very good protection against fraud, WePay is an outstanding alternative to Paypal, as it allows consumers to make purchases without leaving the web page, using a virtual terminal. This not only gives your website a more professional look, but the service seems to be more focused on the individual’s interests and not only in their credit card numbers.

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