3 Good Reasons to Buy an Internet TV Box

There has been a great deal of attention in recent years on the rise of alternative TV providers. Initially this was the rise of cable and satellite services, but the new kid on the block over the last few years is internet TV. This is provided by an unobtrusive internet TV box that streams shows into your home with literally hundreds of channels to choose from. Many people are aware that technology moves at such a fast pace these days. Some are burned out on technological advances and others may adopt a wait and see attitude. This is understandable when large companies are always seeming to push the next big thing. However, in this case, it may be worth your time to look at internet TV as it’s set to change the way we watch TV for quite some time to come. Here are three of the best reasons to consider buying an internet TV box.

1. The Entry Level is Really Cheap

These little black boxes cost very little to buy, in some cases you can spend less than $50. If you have a moderately equipped TV set with an HDMI socket and a decent internet connection you’re all set. The vast majority of channels on offer are totally free and even the paid services are very reasonable. If you were to purchase a cable package you would probably end up with a lot of channels that you don’t even need. At least with internet TV you would only buy the channels you really want to see.

2. Internet TV Box Choices

Up until recently the choice of TV boxes on offer was fairly limited and the smaller niche companies involved were unknown. However, now in addition to Roku both Apple and Google have thrown their hats into the ring. Now these higher end manufacturers are more expensive than some of the smaller brands. Additionally it’s important to know that in some cases you may be paying extra for the brand name. The main reason to take note though is that Apple and Google would not invest in a technology with no future. If big brands are starting to get involved producing an internet TV box then it will probably be quite important for some time to come.

3. It’s Not Just for TV

These little boxes are really flexible and can perform some really useful tasks. Some tech savvy people have been using small form factor computers as media centers for quite a while. The only downside was a technical one, as many computer savvy people custom built their machines to fulfill their needs. Now a simple internet TV box (which is essentially a media-centric computer) can offer a lot of the same functionality. In addition to streaming TV you can use: Skype, browse online, interact with social media, use maps, listen to internet radio, use applications, stream Youtube, access Netflix and download to an HDD or a removable Micro SD Card.

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