3 simple actions to take on Local SEO

Local SEO

Many people relate directly Local SEO positioning with a presence in Google Maps. It is clear that the popular Google service is a fundamental part of local SEO in the same way as is everything that bears the stamp of great search engine.

Local SEOHowever, when it comes to position our range territorially speaking must take into account several other factors also influence directly and remain very important.

  • Local and specialized directories:? Directories are you guys crazy? For all, it is true that Google has penalized in recent times many directories that were huge, but there it was precisely the problem. You need to escape the general and where your jewelry can be found for example next to a pet store because you are in the same city directories. However, you can perform a search on Google for your industry and location and see that there are specialized directories for specific sectors, which are very well positioned. If you do not trust, as SEMRush tools can help you assess what keywords are well positioned and its evolution over time.
  • Geo-location applications: It is a reality that Google will begin to show in their search results sheets other geo-location services. That is why it is very important also to have a listing in applications. Like Google Maps results are available, the results of these applications are available so it can be a good way to stand out above the competition.
  • Events with bloggers: Many times we forget the online world is a way to connect the relationships we have in the offline to others. That is why we hold an event with influential people is the best way to make yourself known in your area and that the name of your company starts ringing. In addition, certain that you will get more of a review and link to your site to improve your rankings.

Therefore, if you want your local SEO work, broad view and think beyond Google Maps.

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