7 features that should have a specialist Adwords

Google Adwords

If you like the world of SEM and want to become a real specialist in the Google Adwords program, you must have certain characteristics to carry out these tasks effectively.

Analytical character

You must possess an analytical character, since in Adwords you’ll have to work with data every day. Knowing the different parameters for the different metrics Adwords as the CTR, CPC, average CPC, overlooking% conversion, etc., are obtained is vital to make adjustments to your campaigns.

Google AdwordsStaying completely updated

Besides specialist training in this area, it is essential that you know the news that come out in the world of Adwords. Google is showing us new features in the program about every 15 days, some of these changes are quite dramatic, this means that if you do not worlds of the new modifications or if you do not use the tool daily, at 6 months are totally outdated.

Knowledge of Online Marketing

You can not be a specialist in Adwords without having a basic knowledge of other strategies to attract web traffic such as SEO or web analytics tools like Google Analytics you should use in conjunction with Adwords to implement a global strategy. You should also know that gives us options platforms like YouTube to display our video ads.

Notions of programming and code

No need to be a “geek” programmer, but if you must have some knowledge of web code and html, know how and where you implement a remarketing tag, code conversion tracking or structure of a data feed if does not sound any of this, just get to read tutorials and all these elements and processes.

Design knowledge

No need to be a pure designer, but have some understanding of web design, know the different types of image formats, tools for creating banners and use the creator of display ads, they can help in creating display ads.

Writing skills

A good specialist Adwords should be a good editor, as you will have to create text ads on search. Make attractive, persuasive and creative headlines, it is essential to draw attention to your ads.

Adwords Certification

Adwords program now has 4 same globally recognized certifications, Advertising in search, display advertising, video advertising and Shopping. You can try to pass these tests that demonstrate that you possess extensive knowledge of this program and you can open job opportunities.

If you have any or all of these skills, you can become a real specialist in Adwords.

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