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Why the name Intern Alley?

Common Student Intern Problem

Few companies have the resources to spend quality time with student interns. Interns often sit in a cube with very little to do. Seldom do companies have mentors with skill sets that match the student’s interest or field. Interns are rarely challenged. Todays graduating students are faced with a tough job market and need to be prepared to be the best candidate, best freelancer or prepared to start their own business.

Common Company Challenge

Most companies would like to show their support for education to workforce initiatives, but quite frankly don’t have time to volunteer. They do, however, have needs that select students can fulfill. Businesses who need help establishing their online presence and building an analytic base for measuring online activity can participate in helping train talented college students. Students are hand selected and work one-on-one with mentors to learn SEO and Analytic techniques while at the same time provide real value to the clients.

…enter… Intern Alley

We pay forward our passion to college interns. Each intern has the opportunity to learn from your business and under supervision learns the implications and power of a companies online profile. They learn to setup and use tools for SEO as well as establish online channels for marketing (eg. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogs and even Mobile). Each student that participates in our program will learn the tricks of the trade and provide you with valuable perspective, insight and above all make sure your online presence is well established.

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