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Tips before you start Web Design

WEB design

Starting a web design or know how to do is information a little “insider only for professionals”, or so it seems because there are not many that have so clearly and concisely. So let’s break this handicap and talk about it you know in Multiplication: Design online stores and Web…

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What is Inbound Marketing and consisting?

inbound marketing

The point. Inbound Marketing is a methodology to attract visitors to a website and convert them into customers . It is based on creating high quality content, outstanding, in addition to fulfilling the mission of attracting capable, by applying the appropriate techniques to segment these visits. “Inbound is to attract…

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Make contact and caring message

Social Sharing

Once you have found the right people for spreading your content / information, you can start doing some of these things: Mentioning in your articles and linking them (you will notice your effort) Share your articles on social networks consistently Make comments on your articles regularly with valuable information or…

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Recover data from a damaged hard drive

Recover Hard Disk

If you are in those circumstances in which you deleted data from your hard drive by mistake or a technical failure prevents you from accessing them, this article will help you to solve your problems. Retrieving data from a hard drive can be a difficult task if you know how….

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Email marketing is still king

Online Marketing

Really, every time I think unless someone said at some point that email marketing was dead. Whenever there are new statistics on this powerful online marketing tool it is more than demonstrated that currently has no rival.

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Tips for first with Android


If you just bought your table or smartphone with Android, you know that there are countless possibilities that have henceforth to exploit at 100%, but like everything in life, when we find or acquire something new, it is totally normal to ignore all regarding it. But do not worry, we…

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Productive SEO working with virtual machines


I am passionate about everything that has to do with productivity, especially when it comes to SEO; something that I spend many hours a day. One of the things I like best is to use virtual machines to work more comfortably, but first things first. What is a virtual machine? As shows the Wikipedia, “In…

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The Decline and Fall of guest articles for Seo

guest blogging

It refers to something that was once very respectable have a guest article on your blog, as well as get a coveted and respected author to write the introduction to your book. However this is no longer so and will no longer be whether anymore. It refers also to a very…

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The SEO better with style


The variables for which a web page, let alone an entire website can compete more or less likely in the organic positioning of search engines in the hundreds. However, there are some variables that are more important than others. Interestingly, among them there are some that are poorly maintained even…

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Where target advertising in social networks?

Social Networks

The social network advertising is proving highly effective. The ads promoted segmentation enjoys an unbeatable compared to any other digital environment to invest, which in turn translates into increased profitability of ads that are on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, excellent platforms to reach their potential customers. The problem that arises…

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