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Online Classifieds proving popular with Internet Users


More and more local newspapers are pursuing their nationwide counterparts to make their newspapers accessible online through the entire World Wide-web, as the net rises as a wellspring of day-to-day information. Not just do these sites feature the most recent local news, but added paper attributes like property, classified ads…

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Google Penguin 3.0 – First Impressions


Yep, it seems that the new update of Google Penguin has come, in this case 3.0, which already came expecting from a few weeks ago, and although there is no official statement from Google, it seems that from October 18, the Google Penguin 3.0 is already here.

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The Rise of Technology – Cool Inventions and the Internet

Rise of Technology

Technology is all around us. And with mankind’s intelligence and ingenious prowess, we are coming to an era where technology has become so advanced that amazing and cool inventions have been cropping up in a fast rate. Just when you thought one thing is impossible, an invention comes along that…

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Using Bluetooth Technology in Your Car Versus Using Cell Phone Speakers

Technological advances have made it possible to communicate as you are driving. Telephone speakers have been used for many years in cars because it is dangerous to use a hand-held cell phone while driving and it is actually illegal to do so in some states. Bluetooth technology is relatively new,…

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