Choose a server for SEO positioning


By now the Internet, almost everyone knows that in order to have a domain and operate a website, it needs to be hosted on a server somewhere.

  • Servers and SEO, you must know…

We’ll explain very briefly what you need to know to hire a housing with guarantees for SEO for your website and it complies in whole or in part with SEO usually offer recommendations on this post.

SEOThe first thing to do is consider as you are willing to invest (if, investing… not spend) on your project. Once you’re clear, you have to opt for many hosting providers available on the Internet.

Here begins what you should consider:

  • Choose a web host whose servers are in the country that will operate your website.
  • Do not skimp in performance offered by servers. If your website is professional, so you’re going to choose a basic plan.
  • Ask questions on social networks and forums to see you answer. Do not trust at all the benefits that you have the hosting.
  • Not by going out on TV or the radio are better, check the reference and research sites where their hosting.
    Essential to the performance of the servers. A more cores and RAM, better traffic management and display of the Web.
  • If your pocket or company permits, try to use cloud services, faster and more scalable than traditional.
  • Monitoring, backup and availability Uptime must be part of what you might check to choose one.
  • The support .. fail to find accommodation that offers 24/7 support and your language, otherwise you’ll regret.
  • If you develop websites, check that meets your objectives (php, cgi, MySQL ..). Windows or Linux, depend on the project.
  • There hosting in which the control panel management is a disaster. If you are not very expert, we suggest at least Cpanel.
  • Above all and so you do not leave with doubt, our recommendation is a professional dedicated hosting, without having to share server resources with other clients and domains.

If you have any questions or need we advise you in your projects Internet account with us.

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