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Here we will post those related to SEO and search engines. This time he has touched speak commands to search Google, which will serve both to make more complex and advanced as search for web analysis.

googleCommands to search Google – How to search in Google?

As summarized I talk about the following commands:

  • “” (Quotes) -> Command sentence would seek the exact phrase entered between the quotes.
  • * (Asterisk) -> Command joker, the asterisk is replaced by any word.
  • OR or | -> Displays simultaneous search results or the other.
  • + (Plus) -> Command inclusive, to mark you consider relevant search word. Typically used for stopwords.
  • – (Minus) -> Command exclusive to mark the word or words you do not want to appear in search results.
  • Info: -> Information of the website we have marked.
  • cache: -> It shows the last cache that google has saved the bookmarked web page.
  • link: -> It shows the links pointing to the bookmarked web page.
  • related: -> Show the websites related to marked.
  • site: -> Show all the web pages indexed checked.
  • filetype: -> Displays all files with the extension we mark 4 the following can also be used as allinanchor, allintitle, or allinurl allintext
  • inanchor: -> It shows the websites that have links with anchor text with the words we mark him.
  • intitle: -> It shows the websites that have in the title the words we mark him.
  • intext: -> It shows the websites they have on the body the words we mark him.
  • inurl: -> We samples the websites they have in the url the words we mark you

These are the basic commands that I use myself to do more advanced searches, others like the location or time and can be configured directly in menu commands without Google.

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