Create Customer Center (MCC) in AdWords


My Client Center is a free tool from Google that allows us to manage multiple AdWords accounts, either themselves or others, from a single account, can ‘jump’ from client to client easily, avoiding the need to loguearnos and desloguearnos ever we want to manage different campaigns of different clients.

Google Whereas Google did not put it quite easy time to create our own Customer Center, I decided to write an article explaining how to do step by step.

The first thing to consider is that, for our own Customer Center, you need to be from an account that is not yet discharged in Google Adwords, that is, that if we are currently managing some form of campaign from, we have to create a new account or choose one that has not yet been discharged in this service.

After selecting the account you will use, our first step will give us high in the Google AdWords Certification Program program.

Go to “Join the Google Advertising Professionals program” and we agree with your username and password. Google This prompted us to select the account name, language, country and email notification preferences. Once this process will receive an email welcoming us to the Google Advertising Professionals program.

From this moment, we can create our own Customer Center in Google AdWords.

We click on “Register now” and dripped us to answer some questions, and as we use the same so far, select the following responses:

Q: “Which statement best describes your current situation?”
A: “I already have an e-mail address and password I already use with Google services like AdSense, Gmail, Orkut, or iGoogle.”

Once this is done we will deploy a new question:

Q: “Do you want to use this information to access MCC?”.
A: “Yes, I want to use my current Google account.”.

Then we will ask for your username and password again, we would say and continue.

In the next step Google will ask us to set our Customer Center, accept the rules of use and to verify our own.
If you managed to get here Congratulations! You have your own creed Customer Center in Google AdWords. Now, you can create or link multiple AdWords accounts to manage them from a single location.

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