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With the advancement of technology and network we can say that the world is changing much faster than several centuries. Now the speed at which something new will appear is amazing, so from e-consultancy have predicted several trends that are or are to be realized.

Print Mobile

The growth of the smartphone in just four years has been dizzying. Today, most of the people we know and with which we live have a smartphone and use it often. It is an obvious reality and brands must adapt to this reality.

MarketingNatural advertising

Every time we find more Internet content platforms. These platforms are trying to sell trust and submitting articles with better quality that exist in that moment. Keep in mind that this erosion of confidence can happen faster than we imagined.

Customer feedback is essential for growth

Andy Harding has exhibited his predictions about the future of multi-channel marketing, which should be paid enough attention to customer feedback. The digitization of the user experience is the future, it is key that we have to consider in the store online.

Apple clock

The SmartWatch is the “beeper” the 21st century has not increased functionality of your phone. Let’s wait for the iWatch. Watch Apple was not the disaster that many predicted. Currently, many brands and developers are creating applications for this type of device with many positive reviews.

Digital technology is becoming an emotional medium

In 2013, Jake Hird spoke about “the new journey to the customer” and gave emphasis to the fact that consumers do not care about the complexity they want things smooth functions, feel special and unique, that is, want be seen as a person not as a client.

Customization and focus on the client’s emotions is what will strengthen the interaction between brands and customers.

The need to bring art and science

As Ashley Friedlein declared in his speech: “If creative businesses want to thrive in the digital future need for people to understand all facets of the same” is increasing importance given to the creative engineers and analyst information. work fluidly and together, you only have to think about Uber or Aribnb.

Data is the new oil

A phrase often heard in the words of his speech Gerd Leonhard, shows that the analysis has a great future potential: “With oil, people can benefit from transport and sewerage, and the same principle applies to data user, we have ISPs, search engines, etc., making use of the data, and a whole food chain is developing around this “oil data” where people can use and add value to it.”

Tendency marketing

The data are becoming valuable, so the user is becoming powerful, as anyone can say: If you want my data I want something in return, whether any free content, music or anything of value to them.

The value of failure

It may be a cliche, but as mentioned Simon Andrews, failure is often as valuable as the success. Although the financial benefits would not be very great, who is willing to try new things but do not work will mean greater chances of success.

It is noteworthy to be seen

The only way to differentiate is to give customers great service, be fully transparent, honest and truthful at all times. Do not forget that your brand must have a personality.

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