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Really, every time I think unless someone said at some point that email marketing was dead. Whenever there are new statistics on this powerful online marketing tool it is more than demonstrated that currently has no rival.

Online MarketingThe latest data we can see them in the study of a company where a small superficial analysis of the information is more than enough to realize as users still prefer email as their channel of information with preferred brands. Logically, this should always be after the prior consent of the user, but if a consumer likes a brand, this will prefer all the information by mail rather than by any other means.

Relevant statistics

This is all very well to say but always reflects much better if we bring a series of numbers and statistics that help strengthen the above few lines ago. In particular, it is said that 77% of users prefer email as a means of communication with the brand.

Coupons work very well as 7 out of 10 people say they used a rebate is after receiving an email from the brand. In terms of investment ensures that for every dollar you invest, we can get $ 44.25 of profit is not OK?

From the study we can also get a number of tips to make our email marketing more effective. We know that women are 10% more likely to open mail or Mondays are the best days to increase our CTR. The issues with less than 10 characters get better open rates and custom issues. Finally and following the trend moving 64% of users read their mail on their smartphones, something to keep in mind.

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