Facebook vs Google Adwords Ads: Which Is Better?

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The world of online advertising is evolving by leaps and bounds, while a few years ago Adwords was king and lord of paid advertising, today his throne is increasingly discussed.

They have appeared several new advertising options, but we could say that the most important are those that come from the most used social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). However, currently the only true competitor’s Adwords Facebook Ads.

Online MarketingThe war between Facebook and Google takes waged several years and this is just another battlefield. But that matters little to you, right? What I really want to know is which of the two is more profitable marketing tools for your business.

That is why today I bring you a comparison between the two. Let’s see which one comes out victorious in this “battle”.

Is there a better than another tool?

This is the real question we should be asking when choosing between the two tools. Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, although many seem to think they have nothing to do. Yes, they use similar systems, but the goal and the audience they have is very, very different.

None is better than the other. Facebook is perfect for branding and generate sales of certain types of products that appeal to Facebook users, while Adwords selling tool is the default for any search.

Since you compare it will be very difficult, so if I can do is tell you when to use one and when to use another. Although my recommendation is that if your budget allows, use both.

Facebook Ads: Branding and Leads

Facebook Ads is essential to improve the branding of your business and generate leads, not sales. Can I get sales? Of course, the classic examples as evidenced Hawkers and have generated enough with my clients.

However, the range of products and services to sell to Facebook is much smaller than with Adwords. To give you an idea, an advertisement for a car accident lawyer is not going to work, while in Adwords is one of the topics most paid.

On the other hand, fashion products in general, travel, video games, movies and other work very well. As for the campaign video films of the film “The Visit” could be a great example, because from the trailer began to share across the network and generated a great mass of spectators in theaters.

In short, the fact that there can be segmented by specific searches as Adwords, but interest makes it more difficult to attack directly to the target audience. As much as you close the circle ever be as accurate, so Facebook is better to generate leads and branding wider audiences.

Google Adwords: Direct and Specific sale

The incredible advantage over Adwords Facebook Ads is its accuracy. Being able to create an ad for the previous search for “car accident lawyer in Cadiz” and be fully customized is simply brilliant.

Furthermore, the fact that Adwords always respond to a search increases the conversion rate with respect to Facebook. In Facebook advertising will appear “because” while in Adwords appears because you are looking for just that or something related.

However, Adwords needs to run a decent budget. While with Facebook Ads you can spend 1 € per day and generate conversions, with Adwords or invest a lot or watch your budget is not able to compete on bids.

So what to choose?

It depends on many variables, some of which are:

  • Theme: More closed topics that do not fit into Facebook and others that work well, as mentioned before. The more specific, the harder it is to make Facebook.
  • Budget: If your budget is small you should go to Facebook Ads, in case you lace. With little money you can not get results in Google Adwords.
  • Objective: If you want to branding a combination of both tools, for example through re-marketing, is perfect. There is not always why choose just one.

As you can see the line between both platforms is very diffuse and it is difficult to say when to use one or the other. Raises your goals, think about whether your audience is more receptive when you search Google or Facebook in your bulletin and choose accordingly.Facebook vs Google Adwords Ads: Which Is Better?

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