Generate Memes with Some Quick and Easy Steps

Generate Memes

Memes can generate humor, sarcasm and irony throughout the web by revealing some unique and untold story. You just need a good observation power and a funny attitude to create a meme. Here are some steps that will help in generating excellent memes.

Step 1: Express Humor In Two Lines: You should observe some daily events or the things going around you. You will have to be watchful about the recent trends. You may check the social feeds and topics about the current news and hilarious topics. Now, you can imagine those with a pinch of sarcasm and express them in just two lines. The second line must be the punch line and should be made in a way so that your audience can relate to it.

Step 2: Create or Re-caption: You are required to decide whether you will be re-captioning an existing meme or will form a new one. If you are creating all by yourself, you need to be aware of the selection of your subject and the content. You may choose some topics that can easily relate with your target audience. You can also choose different options for different memes as necessary. You may select image medium or the video medium for different memes.

Step 3: Select a Meme Creator: After deciding, you need to select the meme creator tool. Some of the available options in the web can be, quick meme, meme creator etc.

Option 1 of Step 2: Re-Caption Process of Existing Meme

Step 1: Existing List: You can look around all the existing lists in the web. It can be about the fun and exciting activities of the college newbie ‘College freshman’ or the awful activities of teenage years ‘bad luck Brian’ or resembling any success moment through the very popular ‘success kid’.

Step 2: Browse And Select: After browsing, you can finally select the meme which suits your caption the best. You just need to click the one you have chosen.

Step 3: Add Captions: Now, you can add caption from the settings option of the image editing software. You may also change the privacy settings and the text styles of your meme. You may check your created meme with the preview option.

Step 4: Save And Share: If you are ready for saving the meme, save and then share it through the web!

Option 2 of Step 2 : Creating New Meme

Step 1: Upload Through Creator: You can upload your image through the meme creator tool. For easing the readability, most of the images of the memes remain 300 px in size and almost square in shape. The image can be modified in Photoshop or in any online image editing tool.

Step 2: Add Your Own Caption: Now, you can operate all the settings function in the generator tool and can add captions of your choice. The privacy settings will help you to decide whether you want it to show to your group of friends only or you want your memes to be publicly visible. You can also change the fonts and the size of your text.

Step 4: Save And Share:  When you are done with the above steps, you may save your meme and share them with your friends

Now, you are all set for creating memes on your own. The meme demands a lot of exposure online so that your ideas can be shared to the audience with the right message! So, never forget to tweet your memes, share them on Facebook and Reddit and send personal emails to your friends and family. Wish you a Happy Meme-Creating Season!!

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