Google algorithm change: Advertising and page layout


The other day Google announced a change of algorithm, perhaps rather a new Panda update which will add to the recent algorithm changes.

This update, supposedly in search of a higher quality search results, affects those sites whose page layout or placement of ads do you have a higher proportion, visually speaking, advertising content.

googleThat is, those pages where the access them directly, what you see directly is a lot of publicity rather than content “real” will be considered as pages of “poor quality” and therefore their positions will be affected negatively the search.

They say, this algorithm change will affect 1% of searches, which is actually enough …

In short, go into your web page, and if before lowering the scroll rather see too much advertising content, do some design change so that the content has more predominance visually.

Contradictions Google

As always, the ambiguity of Google’s patent, and as he says and sets the standards for all websites make changes for the quality of content and user comfort, they do exactly what they say they do not do …

First, in the help section of adsense, tell us recommended positions adsense ads, now, with this algorithm change could be “penalized” in the SERPs.

Moreover, in some Google searches, we can see that Google’s advertising real content … should not they change their pages as they dictate?

Conclusion algorithm change

All this change can greatly affect the pages created 100% Adsense, likewise many newspapers and currently web pages, have a considerable amount of publicity at first glance (and not to mention the rectangle ads), so it remains to be seen to what extent this change affect algorithm to these sites, but it is advisable to prevent, would put a lot of content or summary at the top, followed perhaps advertising blocks, instead of placing advertising blocks on top row of the content.

On the other hand I do not think just look at the design of the site, but also on other data set by the user that can analyze as clickstream, number of page views, bounce rate or CTR Adsense own …

If you have evidence that your website has been dropped positions and may be due to this cause, to draw conclusions us know a little more foundation …

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