Google Hotpot


As you know at Google are increasingly important local results, as we saw with the recent changes in google places and now with the launch of Google Hotpot.

Basically google hotpot uses data from google places to offer each user a list of places and interesting and relevant based on your previous ratings, their comments and evaluations and recommendations of its business contacts. We could say that is a Google social places with a fairly simple and attractive user interface, where display all local businesses.

google The only thing I do not like is that once you access the business itself, going to the business page of google places, and visually and in terms of design, has little relation to google hotpot.

Another point in its favor is that you can review more or less anonymously, as the name or nickname you can put in google hotpot need not necessarily be to your google account.

Moreover, this in Google Hotpot is quite integrated with android phones, from where you will be able to see also the visualizations and other …

Looking to SEO, these data users, ratings, comments, etc., affect the positions of business in google places, but will have to wait to dig deeper by the tool and see how he developed.

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