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We announced changes to Google Local, and now are becoming a reality today announced from the blog of google.

Place the so-called search completely changes the format in local search serps. For example the most important changes is that the map is put into the upper right, which is attached to the scroll as go up and down.

googleAdWords ads more visibility charge, to be typical of the first position, and below this map scroll, is the second round of ads adwords … ultimately a more commercial serps.

In the results of business, it gives more weight to the views, showing the business name that is configured in crazy Google, a brief description, mailing address, and a small image of the business in question, plus a small sitelinks to page views as booking, TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc. depending on the number of views.

Once results shown about 10 local businesses, three results are displayed at the bottom of the normal search results.
In short, a more commercial serps, with space to display more business, but with less margin for normal search serps. It is time to change strategy for local searches ….

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