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You have arrived to Google Shopping, you could say it’s a mix between searching and comparison of products in online stores.

As a seeker own prices we could narrow interval, show only new products, show only products with free postage or to search by store.

MarketingEvery product we can compare prices with other stores even see the physical drives that are available at the nearest store.

How to appear on Google Shopping?

First of all you need to meet these requirements:

  • The records of articles should be written.
  • Pages of target product.
  • Prices of items must appear, and include all applicable taxes and fees except delivery costs.
  • Products must be able to ship to anywhere.
  • Your entries must offer users a way to purchase items online either through a payment service or directly through your website. The process of the transaction and payment must be secure (SSL-protected). The products are displayed, sold and processed in the home currency of the destination country.
  • You must also comply with the policies Google shopping.

You must also create an account in Google Merchant Center, covering the data they ask, and create a feed according to the attributes and requirements that ask you from Google Shopping.

Mandatory attributes in your data feed are: id [id] title [title] link [link] price [price] Description [description] state [condition], then there are other attributes that are recommended and They will help you be more specific searches for users using a product such as: outstanding product [featured_product], gender [genre] shipping weight [shipping_weight] manufacturer [manufacturer] availability [availability] amount [quantity] and etc…

Anyway, you have more information about these attributes and how to configure the feed on the help of Google merchants.

In general Google Shopping may help many businesses to sell more (Google is giving enough visibility to the shopping tab in the browser), and partly to Google offers sources of extra income, as more space to put advertising, or the possibility in the future to charge a percentage of each sale.

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