How to know the latest links to your site


One of the most complicated and tedious tasks on any SEO strategy is to get links, and now with the Penguin by looking further into the quality of them, and not forgetting the influence of the Social Media when getting links.
To find the latest links pointing towards your website there are several tools that work fairly well, many of payment and other free, such as the extinct Yahoo Site Explorer (now more or less integrated with Bing Webmasterstools)

SEOSo far, webmaster tools Google showed you a report with the total number of links to your site, and domains that linked you, but now there is a button, I think back, which lets you download in CSV or Google Docs the latest links url url with the date on which the Google bot crawling the first time.

So we must do the following:

Webmaster Tools -> Links to your website -> Column bonds (more)

At the top we have the buttons “Download more examples of links” and “Download Latest links”

With this and with the help of Excel we have linked charts, number of links per month, cumulative links, etc … In short, a somewhat hidden functionality webmasters tools but quite useful in day to day SEO and free.

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