HP will introduce at CES 2015 5K monitor, 3D and virtual reality


HP wants to innovate the perception of users regarding the monitor and display. Introduce models 5K, monitor and even a curved display functions with virtual reality.

TechIn the pre-opening of the dances at CES in Las Vegas, HP seems to have moved his total attack to the world of display, presenting some units that define the original is little. It almost seems that the American corporation wanted to exploit every single technology exciting and innovative, this year.

Beautiful curves

We have already seen that competition ( Samsung primarily ) intends to present curved display, and HP is no exception. Will be different models, all offered in 27″ and 34″, both for consumers and for those business. The model 34″ is called Envy 34c, and is a unit with ratio 21: 9 and a resolution of 3440×1440. The doors are 2xHDMI, DisplayPort and HDMI / MHL to connect smartphones. We speak of a flagship at $ 999. The model 27″ is called Pavillion 27c and has a regular 1080p resolution, an ordinary, banal 16: 9. The price is still “higher end”, to $ 399. And these two, believe me or not, are the most normal display among those “innovative” by HP, and then we go over.

ZVR Virtual Reality Display

This unit looks out from the pages of a novel cyberpunk nineties, also for its design with strange protuberances of plastic on top. Its user also needs a pair of passive 3D glasses to operate properly the ZVR Virtual Reality Display, which is nothing if not a three-dimensional monitor that allows image manipulation. The “bumps” in fact are cameras to judge the position of our our eyes, aided by a special stylus.

It is not meant for us regular home users, but for a design studio – you can watch their models in three dimensions – or for students. The “holograms” are an example of non-immersive virtual reality, or rather, more like augmented reality limited. Limited as its spread: do not know anything about the price, but it will be high – and will not be ready before the spring.

4K and 5K

They look like normal monitor, but their resolution is very high. We are talking about the new models 4K 27″ and 23.8″, which promise refresh times “human”, even if not yet adapted to the gamer. The resolution is the same, and it is 3840×2160 display with an aspect ratio 16:9. The doors are all those that could be useful, from HDMI to switch to DVI, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, MHL and three USB 3.0. Trivial stuff? So let’s move on and get to the monstrous monitor HP 5K Z27q. How to dive the name, we are faced with a technology “5K”, which goes to mean a resolution of 5120×2880 IPS 300 nit. Seven times the full HD, with one billion colors and the same battery of doors, not the first 5K monitor we see and its price is quite reasonable: $ 1,299. Then you’ll have to be you to find content which use it efficiently!

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