Influence of Twitter and Facebook for SEO


Since a few weeks ago I know knows (confirmed by Google and Bing) that social metrics affect the positioning and ranking of our pages, which is still in the air is that social factors have more or less influence towards SEO.

Really It is complex to assess, because as always, we can not assess these factors in isolation, and also add the difficulty of the social aspect, with all that that entails.

SEOThere are many obvious or logical factors that have or could have an influence on search engines both twitter and Facebook. This could be a summary of each social network list:

Factors influencing twitter

– Number of tweets to a URL
– Number of replies to that tweet with URL
– Number of re-tweets with URL
– URL twitter profile
– Relevance twitter profile (followers, theme, lists, etc)

Factors influencing Facebook

– Number of “Likes” in a URL
– Number of “Recommendations” on Facebook or shares of a URL
– Number of comments on Facebook to a URL
– Links profiles in Facebook
– Links on the Facebook pages
– Relevance profile or page on Facebook (friends, fans, theme, etc)

Now with the factors in hand, would know the real importance of each factor in SEO, and sort them in order of importance, but we’ll leave for later. What we will do next to seomoz study is to draw some conclusions and interesting facts:

Conclusions of the influence of Twitter and Facebook for SEO

– The social metrics correlate well with higher positions.
It is something often top ranked pages have better social metric or vice versa. Ie it may be a better social metrics, better position in the SERPs, or simply that the top ranked sites also tend to have more favorable social metrics … or both both.

– Increased importance of actions on Facebook
is something that is emphasized in the study, and is the force that are taking actions on facebook, when a few weeks ago Facebook was not as relevant, or at least the metrics that were were not used.
It seems logical is measured, facebook is much less “spameable” to twitter

– Twitter loses strength
in the study lost strength twitter also stresses, since the presence of webs “tweeted” is much smaller than previously thought. That is, Google continues to take the metric of twitter as a factor, but not as important as previously thought.

– Share / Recommend on facebook stronger than the “Like”
It seems that the share or recommend a URL in facebook has much value a “Like”, and not just facing the SEO, but visibility achieved within facebook a shared or recommended URL is much higher than with a “Like” and therefore more views and actions on facebook on that URL.¬† Users recommend our link and not “just” give the “likes”.

All these data have to be caught and written clearly with tweezers, as always happens in these studies, there are many more factors that influence and are not being measured, but in general, the study of seomoz is fairly complete. Also keep in mind that Google and Bing will tweaking the valuation of these metrics and testing new as you could say that all this is still in the beginning, but what if we can be clear is that Google and Bing want to be social .

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