Leveraging Social Networks as A Channel for Customer Service

Social Media

When a company launches their social networks several objectives that use the same arises. One of the principal is to be the link with your customers or potential customers, convert our social networks on one channel customer. But we must take into account several features to consider.

Social MediaFor example, rapid response. If you have multiple service channels, multiple profiles on social networks, it is no use being in many and then not meet the demands or requests of your followers. If a Facebook user, comment or send a private message and receives no response for several days, or simply no answer, it is much more damaging than if we were in that network. The same applies to Twitter, Instagram … world-google

The tone in response. There are times when many of our users use our networks to complain, to file a complaint, a warning … And the tone of his message is not right … But why, we as a company must fall to have the same tone. Our tone should be friendly and direct, simple, responding forcefully, truth and delicacy. It is dangerous to enter the game a ‘troll’.

Always tell the truth sometimes is easier (but hard) to tell the truth about a service and / or product to lie, and the lies have very short legs, as they say; Internet and much more.

If you do not have the answer, write postponing message. That is, if we are demanding information that we have, the better and easier is to write a message to that user explaining that at the moment we have no information, we will search or corroborate and as we will answer. The user to see and feel that he is addressing.

Thank you. New followers, mentions, comments, if they share our content … It is well-born, be grateful.

Provide added service to the active users of social networks like feeling ‘recognized’, so it is advisable to have a detail with them: discounts, special giveaways, thanks …

We could go with recommendations for all types of social networks, but the bottom line is common sense. Act as you would in person kindness, efficiency and personalized attention.

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