Leveraging the SEM to improve positioning SEO


SEM and SEO are two strategies for channeling additional users and potential customers. The SEM focuses on advertising through sponsored ads, while seeking the best possible SEO positioning on the page of search engine results.

As indicated, are complementary strategies in most cases are not incompatible, but what many do not value project consultants is the synergy that can be generated between them.

SEM or SEOThus, the SEM can be leveraged for SEO based on different strategies. The first one to get the visit of the user who clicks on the sponsored link, become a returning user, so that in the future will recognize our website between the results based on the current SEO positioning and we pick over others previously unvisited.

Thus, it is logical rise in visits to harness the benefits of SEM. But how to make the visit profitable facing the SEO?

One strategy is to promote other pages visit our website online store or media. The number of visits will promote the continued visit of the user and also be a key to our position compared to other factor results in the future.

Using remarketing based on the information provided by cookies also serve to capture user attention in the near future, something that would never have succeeded without SEM.

At the level of perception it is also important. Google increasingly prioritizes Other results beyond the classic SEO, so they appear videos, maps and images above the search results. If the first position got with SEM and SEO what we promote in Google Places / Google Business and in a good overall position, we can cover a lot more number of sites available on the first page of results than simply, we dump all the force on optimizing for a keyword in organic positioning.

Finally, we can use the SEM using sponsored in other environments that are not specific to the search engine and social networks and make them followers yet. The social virality of our content is an important SEO factor, so that the more followers and therefore , potential customers have, the more options there are to interact with our content and we position us better in the search engines.

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