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An important part about SEO is the local part, e.g. Google says that 20% of total searches refer to a specific location, so here are some basic tips on local SEO.

Really has changed so much attention to the location? Well, the biggest change is its visual dominance in the SERPs, because now we can see the results of local businesses, fully integrated into the natural SERPs Search and moreover, Google has combined its natural search algorithm with its algorithm local search, where previously operated completely independently.

SEOThe good part is that it seems that the factors that have been good for the traditional positioning, they are also for the local algorithm, therefore a plus seo. Therefore we will work together SEO strategy and not as a local strategy only.

Let’s start with the basics, usually for local seo. This pyramid shows the basic factors of local seo face.

We started at the base of the pyramid, for the content and accessibility of it. We must make relevant content for the user to actually provide what you need, and that this content can be accessed easily.

As for keyword research, you have to know how people look like buscaria your business, and act in relation to how it does, editing parameters can be seen below.

The links remain important for google, and google places too … are “helpful” marks that other sites get.

For the last socially, and when I say social is all related to this, i.e. twitter, facebook, blogs, foursqare, etc … maybe now have no direct repercussion on positioning, but sooner or later may affect these local seo metric.
Now let’s talk about the factors affecting specifically positioning Local Google:

– Business Page in Google places

One of the most important factors when it comes to local businesses. It is the point of information the user is found when searching our business in google places. In part it is good for businesses that have websites have their spot in internet and in part is good for SEO because we can edit their values ​​and optimize toward what we want.

So far, the most important thing to do facing the local SEO is to create this page with information about your business.

– Shipping to local directories

It seems that these local directories have them in Google account even displays its results in the google search results page itself integrated with business places. From local sites usually take the comments, photos, ratings and other information that may ultimately reach affect the positioning of our business locally google.

– Links

Again I name the links, links to your website, as they remain votes of confidence from other “sites” into yours, so continue to matter.

– The location of your business

Speaking of local searches, physical business address is an important part, since the results are based largely on this data.

– Categories of Business

When creating the business page on Google places, will ask you to include up to 5 categories, these categories of used google to find out what kind of business is, so I Leave it clear in these categories.

– Comments

Comments, reviews and ratings that are performed with a google user’s own business page google places are valued positively or negatively in positioning our business in local searches.

– Google hotpot

Scores, recommendations and opinions on the new Google hotpot, are valued and will have face value positioning of local searches.

– Other factors for local SEO

Titles: Titles on page of google places are important for certain searches.

Photos and videos: Besides being utilizes for the user, can serve google to think, Hey, these have taken time to edit your page.

Social: All geolocated social issues, such twitters with location, in the future they may affect the positions.
Maybe I missed something happens, but I think the basics about positioning for local search is contemplated.

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