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Social Sharing

Once you have found the right people for spreading your content / information, you can start doing some of these things:

  • Mentioning in your articles and linking them (you will notice your effort)
  • Share your articles on social networks consistently
  • Make comments on your articles regularly with valuable information or feedback
  • Prepare a summary of experts and invite them to answer questions

Social SharingOnce you have done all this, take the link the more proud you are and send it to your email asking them to take a look and if they like, what link from your content for your followers to visit your blog in order to increase traffic and get qualified visitors. Depending on the means by which you contact the person, you must create the message. Let us see what are the 3 most used means and how it should be composing your message.

  • Email: Since this medium is one that allows you to send any type of content, you can play around with text and images, depending on the type of website, blog or store that you have and the reputation you want to generate. The text must be no more than 300 words , and you’re not doing a content, and include who you are, what you need, what you have to offer in return (benefits) and what benefit will bring to his readers ( Note: You can write it in first or third person, always including a warm greeting and a farewell to sound more like a “see you soon”)
  • Contact Form: This means, though many underestimate, is one of the most effective is. The message does not need to be as complete as e-mail, so you can generate curiosity in the receiver and you want to know the benefits of your proposal. Including who you are and what you need ( Note : Closes with a phrase that always invite him to contact you, as you have no way of knowing if read your message)
  • For social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have become a real database of contacts you can use to your advantage. If you have a good handle on your bills, company or brand you want steadily updated their social profiles and generates conversation are your followers, you can contact them through direct messages through these social networks. The message may be the same as in the contact form, changing only the last part, because technically know if you have read the message or not. The tone of the conversation is usually more informal and brief, so you can request an email to the negotiation of the publication is carried out in this way.

Learn tools for outreach

The outreach you must do manually, but I recommend you start these two tools to help you make a successful outreach.

  • Link Prospecting: This is the first tool you should use. It is responsible for finding the sites you’ll be contacted through keywords that you consider relevant topics
  • Buzzstream: An excellent platform that lets you create a database of contacts you already have located and provides you with contact information, whether email and / or social networks
  • Inkybee: It is a very affordable blogger outreach tool with a starting price of $ 19 per month. The main features offered are a database of 800,000 blogs, campaign management and integration with Google Analytics.

So, you have the basics to think about making outreach and take your first steps into the world of digital public relations. If you want to know more about the subject, do not hesitate to follow our publications, because this will be the subject of public relations week, so you can make more sales both virtual and physical.

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