Mobile Tracking clicks on AdWords


The ValueTrack parameter, inserted in the destination URL of our ads on Google AdWords, allows us to distinguish the clicks from ads on the Search Network Display Network.

SEMThe growing use of mobile Internet, has led to the various agencies have a high interest in learning about the effectiveness of the ads displayed on these devices, and for that Google has created the Mobile ValueTrack parameter.

This parameter is very simple and it works for ads on the Search Network and for the Display Network content or both.

We can make use of this new feature in two ways:

– Automatic redirection to URLs optimized for mobile phones:

This option would use if we had a version of our web site optimized for mobile phones. If our optimized mobile URL, for example: we want and clicks through these terminals to be redirected to this URL and also trackbacks separately, we introduce into our destination URL…

– Labels tracking URLs:

On the other hand, we also have a second way to track these clicks: showing our URLs so that our URL remained…

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