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Once we have identified market needs, and a study of the current situation both internally and externally, when setting goals comes, for this we must consider the mission and vision of the project, as they will be some basic principles that will help us formulate objectives.

When I set goals like using the SMART methodology, i.e. setting goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, producing results and set ourselves a deadline to carry them out.

Online MarketingBasically we can distinguish two types of marketing objectives: Qualitative objectives and Quantitative targets.

Instead, qualitative objectives are more intangible objectives and therefore more difficult to measure and whether it has complied some examples of such objectives are to improve the image of the brand, improve the position of our product at the market…

Define the strategy

What decisions are going to take to achieve the objectives? With the help of SWOT you’ve done previously, will see that at the time of implementing the online marketing plan, you want to keep, such as a survival strategy and focus all your efforts on reducing your weaknesses as much as possible to better face external threats.

While the most typical examples of marketing strategies are:

  • Functional Strategy: In this type of strategy is mainly working the 4 Ps of marketing, performing, among other actions, discounts or price scales, define the means of internal, external communication and message, locate the main points of sales, expanding products, modify existing …
  • Portfolio strategy: It focuses on market expansion and output growth in the market, so that the actions to be undertaken will be diversification, product development, increasing market penetration …
  • Positioning strategy: Define that market segment should direct the product to achieve the objectives for this should be made ​​actions that are differentiating , i.e. when heading to a specific segment of the population, we do see needs covering our product to this segment, adapt supply to demand in each segment.
  • Corporate Strategy: is to harness the competitive advantages of each company can perform different actions such as: achieving the lowest production costs, focus on very specific market segments and certain (that competitive advantage or cost plus), specialize in a product one aspect that you do …

Development of the action plan

The main actions that can be carried out in online marketing are:

  • Web: Needless to say, but the center of all online actions is usually a website where our products are offered, so that your website focuses on converting your goals, implements a simple and intuitive design, create a blog with articles interesting for your users …
  • Social Media: Being present in social networks is today a must for all those companies that want to survive, when it comes to establishing a presence in social networks, studies that social networks have to focus your efforts and remember you are talking to people, not customers, so they are trying to center the conversation and not your product.
  • PPC: Pay Per Click campaigns, there are different platforms that offer the possibility of getting customers paying for our ads and show depending on the interaction between these platforms Google Adwords would be the most recognized, but do not discard the possibility of working with Twitter Ads and Facebook Ads, from my experience the cost to acquire a customer in the media is still well below the cost in Google Adwords.
  • SEO: Get the top positions for keywords that can bring you traffic qualified to your site is one of the main actions carried out in online marketing plan, this will require you to make a study of keywords (keyword research) to know which are the most affordable keywords (to proficiency) and that greater benefit you will bring thereupon comply with the quality guidelines that Google offers an audit and then a strategy to reach those positions are tasks that need to delegate to a SEO consultant.
  • Banners: When carrying out this kind of action, focus on those pages that you think you can get more qualified traffic to your website. Here I leave a link where you can see different advertising formats established by IAB ( link advertising formats )
  • Affiliation: One of the actions that you can perform is to get people, usually people who have a fairly high degree of influence in a public and by agreement, subtly sell the products of the company taking a commission on each sale.
  • Mobile Marketing: Applications are fashionable, according to some studies, usually have an average of 63 applications installed on our Smartphones and people who have installed an app of a company are more attracted to consume their products, so they have an application It is a very good strategy, because not only we are offering greater accessibility for users to consume our products, but also have push notifications, notices that appear on the screen Smartphone, so if we see this type announcements and caused interest in the user sure that our profits increase significantly. Mobile Marketing is not based solely on apps, we also find SMS messaging, remember that not everyone has a smartphone or use messaging applications, so that the SMS ensures you reach the public, but ensure you use Whatsapp a deal much closer.
  • Proximity Marketing: Still is not 100% implemented this technology but it does not hurt you to have in mind involves placing sensors in strategic areas of a home, so that when a person with your Smartphone close pass, it appears a notification on the existing offers on products that are close to him.
  • Portals: Is there any news portal, blog or important forum your sector? Sure, so we should establish some kind of partnership to leave you present your product in said medium, written as guest author on the media, which will give greater impact on your newsletter (if available) … In short , consider how to form synergies with these great media are concentrating your target audience.
  • Email Marketing: Email is not dead, is more alive than ever, so you get the emails of your customers or potential customers and to send relevant information of interest to them is a good loyalty strategy, look at the article I wrote on best practices in email marketing to get the most out
  • Video Marketing: Internet has a downside, is that often customers do not know who is on the other side, making videos in which you show your company, the better you describe your product or you solve questions, provide an experience of value to users that will increase the conversion on your products and trust or image of your business.
    As I mentioned above are some of the main actions are often carried out in online marketing, but you can also create widgets, podcast, wikis …

Once we know who is going to do, we need to define when and for how long and the person responsible for carrying out such action

Monitoring and analysis

Set KPIs or quality indicators is a good system to know that they are meeting the targets set with the actions proposed, some examples of KPIs are:

Increased number of monthly unique users, more interaction with publications on social networks, CPL decreased, increased number of subscribers to the newsletter …

Try not to set as a KPI increasing number of followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google + … This type of KPI indicator is called vain, because the fact of having 10,000 followers does not mean anything if none of them interact with your publications, engagement is more important than the amount of followers.

The most common monitoring tools are:

  • Google Analytics: Know what they are doing visitors to your website is critical because it helps us understand your visitors, you can enhance the usability of your site and find out which of the existing products is most visited to improve the positioning of the product.
  • Ahrefs , majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer…: They are tools to know the backlinks or outbound links from other sites pointing to your site, you’ll know who binds and how it does.
  • Listening tools in social networks: Although we have social networking presence is important to monitor our brand, our products and major influencers or customers, to know what is said about us or our market. Some of these tools are topsy, SocialMention, Trendsmap, fangager, mention …
  • Google Alerts and Talkswalkers: You can also use these services to monitor keywords and receive alerts in your mail.

Depending on the actions taken and the objectives achieved, it may be better defining those actions that produce a greater benefit to the company, in order to concentrate resources on those shares.

It is normal for deviations (positive and negative) occurring when carrying out online marketing plan, so it is necessary that you take a series of actions in the case of not achieving the objectives set and other actions in the For far exceed the stated objectives.

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