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Often PDF documents are uploaded to the server, and most times with useful content and quality we would be a shame that all this content is lost in cyberspace.

The PDF documents offer many possibilities for optimization, so it is advisable to optimize as much as possible, so that search engines come and would “eat” with gusto.

PDFI use Adobe Acrobat to edit the PDF, I guess the other PDF editors can do the same …

Here are some points to consider for SEO optimization PDF

– Name friendly file
It’s much better to put a file name that represents the content that leads, for example lsfkjlsfj.pdf that 1234.pdf. If you forget to put title to PDF file, Google displayed as title the name of the file itself.

– Label “title” optimized
In the same way that any website, we will optimize the “title” of our PDF document, a title that summarizes what this document and include the keywords for wanting to “position”. This title is displayed in the SERPs.

– Concise descriptions
The description of a PDF document meta-description field is equivalent to any website. Therefore, creates a concise description and summarizing the contents of the PDF. The description is also displayed in the SERPs.

– Author
The author field may not have any influence in the face of search engines, but if it’s good relational just in case. Put the author’s name, or the name of the website, never hurts extra information.

– Keywords, keywords
The keywords field, would be equivalent to meta keywords on a web page. Probably have little validity in the face of search engines, but also good fill it with relevant keywords PDF document.

– Complete all metadata
In Acrobat several metadata fields to fill, if you can fill them all, it’s always good to classify and give more information about our document PDF.

– Add tags and accessibility features
In Adobe Acrobat you can go to the Advanced menu and sub-menu accessibility. The options in this sub-menu lets you add functionalism the document to be read by special readers. You can also add tags to better categorize the document.

– Add ALT tag to images
In the same way you do with any web page, you should also add alt tags to images of PDF document.

– Add links
Do not forget to add links to your PDF documents, at least one link back to the home page. Put links in the same manner as if it were a website (although in reality it is not the same).

– Protects the document write
More than anything to not catch your PDF document and inserted elsewhere, and if they do, at least you will have a link to your website.

– Provide an HTML version
Especially for the user, as there are users who do not want to be open PDF viewer, or simply have not installed, so better to offer an HTML version, also using the canonical URL you prefer to avoid content duplicate.

Surely there are some other things to optimize, but in summary it could be, always treating it as if it were a “normal” page and not in PDF, with a friendly and written content for users.

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