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I am passionate about everything that has to do with productivity, especially when it comes to SEO; something that I spend many hours a day. One of the things I like best is to use virtual machines to work more comfortably, but first things first.

What is a virtual machine?

As shows the Wikipedia, “In computing a virtual machine is software that simulates a computer and can run programs as if it were a real computer. This software was initially defined as “an efficient, isolated duplicate of a physical machine.”

SEOIn an easier way, you could say that thanks to certain programs can run multiple operating systems simultaneously on your computer, as if each were a separate application. Here is a sample:

How to download and install a virtual machine

There are many applications that allow us to work with virtual machines, but I will talk about my favorite: Virtualbox (VB hereinafter). I love it because it works beautifully, there is a support community behind and free!. You can download it from online to your website.

Mind you, not everything is as simple as installing VB and now. We must have the operating system you want to install in a suitable format. That is, it is as if we had but we were missing the console games.

To install the operating system you can use disks as you have, with your license and stuff, or you can download the image of an operating system license free in thepiratebay, for example, and is ready to be “charged” within VB.

Work with applications that are not available for your operating system

You know that many applications are only available for Windows, as wonderful application Xenu for finding broken links (including some of its uses). If you use a Mac or Linux have to go through a virtual machine if you want to take advantage of this tool.

Working with applications that interfere with our normal work

If you work with applications like Hidemyass, which allows us to change IP and use your VPN, you can have problems with other applications that work. Imagine you’re using an application to view the position of your keywords. If you open Hidemyass and connect with an IP from another country, the application that you use to check the positions will use this new IP and get erroneous results.

Another problem that often arises when using HMA is that if you use email applications such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail or Outlook, some e-mail accounts may be blocked, especially those of Gmail. While we are working with other IP, your mail client will automatically check for new messages have, which is authenticated in Gmail servers (or any other provider) using the “strange” IP. Often we see as we receive notices alerting us strangers to our own access.

Using a virtual machine we can have HMA functioning apart without interfering with our work.

Increase productivity using multiple virtual machines

Surely you have a very powerful computer, but the application you use most can only be opened once. You think if you had 5 computers would go 5 times faster. Nothing, 5 virtual machines you install on your computer and you can open 5 times that program. It’s all about allocating adequate resources to each machine. If you just launch an application on each virtual machine, you need not assign much RAM.

Work with different operating systems simultaneously

I like to work on OS X, but I need Windows at the same time to use certain applications. I also work with Android virtual machine, so it’s like you had a tablet android on my computer, with WhatsApp and Cosic.

In fact, recently I thought it would be a good option to have a phone number only for WhatsApp in the virtual machine and meet certain customers or colleagues out there; very fast and convenient.

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