Recover data from a damaged hard drive

Recover Hard Disk

If you are in those circumstances in which you deleted data from your hard drive by mistake or a technical failure prevents you from accessing them, this article will help you to solve your problems. Retrieving data from a hard drive can be a difficult task if you know how. Above all, we must never lose patience because it is very possible that our data can be recovered safely again.

Recover Hard DiskGetDataBack for NTFS

This time we’ll use a program called GetDataBack for NTFS which you will be able to download. Once downloaded, you must install it in the default directory of programs and must bear in mind that we must do to run with administrator permissions.

When we open the program, we must check the box titled as “Perform a Quick Scan” which will help us do a quick scan of the damaged hard drive you want to recover. Once this is done, we give Next and let the program take your time. This program will scan all hard drives that are connected to your computer; both internal and external. The scanning process typically takes an average of 2 to 3 minutes depending on the size they are hard disks.

When completed the analysis process, we give you the option to choose between several hard disks. Select the damaged hard drive and if we have made partitions, select the partition that is corrupted. Once this selection, we will give you the Next button to continue with the process of data recovery.

We may different windows as a “Warning” appear; we just give the button titled “Yes to all”. Again, this process will take a bit, just wait for it to complete and we give Next.

When we have reached step 3, we will have completed the process of data recovery. Once we got to this screen, we can see all the data that we had lost and found safe and sound.

Now, just what we need to do is copy the files you want to recover and paste them on a partition that is not damaged. If in your case you have no other than the damaged partition would be good to use a flash drive or an external hard drive to save this data.

Recuva Recovery

If you do not disposition the budget to GetDataBack purchase program, you can opt for a freeware program such as Recuva Recovery.

From the creators of the famous program C Cleaner, Recuva Recovery is a software that lets you recover data from your hard drive effectively and quickly. It has excellent options for data analysis and in 80% of cases recover your data gets corrupted hard disk. Its design and interface are very easy to use.

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