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Based on an excellent article on digital marketing myths, we identify with these issues that often are issues raised by customers. While professional explains in detail why they are myths, we want to reflect on what they have actually certain consultations.

Online MarketingIs it free everything related to social networking?

This is one of the most controversial to tackling social networks points. Free created a profile on Facebook or Twitter, it is free to publish it and find followers, but is it effective? What is indeed certain is gratuity? I like to equate it to real life, does not economic investment would be used for starting a business in which you want to succeed?

The digital marketing budget is a necessity in social networks, both in terms of effectiveness in terms of online advertising as well as by necessity have to hire a professional who knows how to optimally manage a digital marketing strategy.

Is it necessary to have thousands of followers?

Here the expert analysts of social networks focus on the differentiation of active supporters and not active supporters, indicating the advantage of 100 active supporters in an account 150 followers against 10 active supporters in an account 1,000 followers.

However, I break a lance in relation to the effectiveness and that the number of followers is something that appeals to many others, it brings credibility and confidence and, of course, always like. Without falling into fallacies of accounts with millions of followers and no interaction, the fact is that the number of followers itself should be a goal to pursue. Subsequently, the conversion ratio will be the goal to get the highest possible return on each publication.

I is easy digital marketing?

The proximity to social networks I like to compare it to professional driving . Is it easy to drive a car? Relatively yes, indeed probably your client has the license and maybe even loves to drive. Now, what is considered easy to get into a circuit, put on a helmet and belt and try to compete with other professional rivals? Obviously it’s not easy. For digital marketing it is the same, affordable, relatively easy to start, but if you want to compete commercially, they need to hire a true professional.

Can I have instant success in social networks?

As with other analysts, I agree that the strategy in the medium and long term is optimal for long-lasting results over time. However, we must not lose sight of the short-term option. Advertising is immediate and very effective, so if you have budget, of course success can be almost instantaneous, though, with a professional able to create an attractive and profitable ad.

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