Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to feature Special Camera


In the Galaxy Series of Samsung, in the past two years we saw few of the innovations that were done only for the high-end camera specs for example Galaxy S4 Zoom and other models but later, we don’t find anything in the camera specifications even if it was Galaxy Note 4 or present Galaxy S6. And now things could change with the special camera in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

While the camera sensor rating in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is limited to 16MP but it still consists of good features for example the HDR mode in real time itself that is more useful because it combines multiple exposures catches to extend the dynamic range of the resulting image. In practice this means that dark areas do not come out as black or brilliant appear as white. The novelty incorporated Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is that, like the Galaxy S5, displays the result of applying HDR in real time on the screen. Normally other phones perform HDR post processing, so we do not know what will be the result until after taking the picture. As for the speed of the camera, starting the Camera application is quite fast and focused at high speed despite having phase approach as the Galaxy S5. Samsung allows manual adjustments of the camera, as the ISO (Auto, 100, 200, 400 and 800), metering mode (center-compensating, parent or point), exposure (-2.0 to 2.0) and white balance (auto, daylight, cloudy, incandescent and fluorescent). More advanced photographers will miss being able to control shutter speed, focus manually or have more options for white balance. Other phones like the HTC One M8 or Nokia Lumia 930 offers more options than the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, although the user with less photographic knowledge will not miss it. The panoramic photos have great resolution. The maximum resolution in portrait mode is 56.6MP (Apple recently extended the maximum resolution of your panoramic photos to 43MP), while in landscape mode the 28MP are reached. No doubt, in the camera related features and specifications, Samsung has done right in the Galaxy Note 4 but if we talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 then its not enough.

No doubt, Galaxy Note 4 clearly outperforms the other two phones iPhone 6 and Lumia 830 in terms of sharpness, which have lower resolution sensors. But still not enough results, future phones should be better because we are not far from the moment when phones would replace the DSLR, would it happen after the Galaxy Note 5 release date, it could not be confirmed at the moment but still challenge is reached to all the manufacturers and soon we would see the war of camera specifications among all manufactures whether is Samsung, Apple, HTC or any other Chinese manufacturers of Android smartphones.

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