Samsung Is Working On Its Own Version Of Apple Pay


Since Apple officially announced the launch of Apple Pay, a field that seemed stalled again reactivated, the idea that one day Google proposed to make payments through a mobile-and that did not work on a principle-now has taken strength Apple hand, who with thoughtful service with precise alliances managed to revive this new way to pay. As expected, this idea began to be analyzed by some companies, the first to show it was Google who saw with Apple Pay a glimmer of hope to try once more with Google Wallet, and the ground prepared, and moreover companies as Samsung apparently also feel interested in this business.

TechSamsung has also seen that this is an important step, so it seems that the South Korean company does not want to be less and want to create your own mobile payment system to competition both Apple Pay as Google Wallet. Specifically, this new Samsung technology show similar performance to Apple Pay for your smartphones from early 2015, so perhaps coincide with the presentation of unconfirmed Galaxy S6.

So far this seems to be unconfirmed as yet not clear whether Samsung has reached an agreement with the LoopPay startup because, while some sources say the deal could not go to completion, others say that a prototype of the payment system is worked as a smartphone from Samsung, but so far the people of Samsung and LoopPay have not commented on the matter. However, if confirmed, this does not come as a surprise to us as we have previously seen as Samsung has implemented features in their smartphones we saw earlier in Apple, such as the fingerprint scanner.

We are clearly talking about a rumor, but the option is more than feasible, it has nothing to do with these copied to Apple or not, because if this service is rooted in Google, but if we are dealing with a technology that little by little it will be more popular and accepted worldwide, so rare that Samsung would not dare to create your own payment system.

We can only wait, two very important events next year that could be chosen to give this news is coming, we speak of CES 2015 and MWC 2015 in February and March, see what they surprise us Koreans who would preparing everything to transform 2015 in the year of recovery they need after a 2014 rather thankless.

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