Samsung Will Produce Chips 4GB Of RAM For Early 2015


Samsung remains a leader in hardware. Today announced that it has begun to produce chips for mobile RAM 4 GB, and in our opinion is good news, but not the right approach, it may be irrelevant.

TechTechnological advancement in the smartphone market is similar to that seen in the computer between the 90s and the early years of the last decade. Strong competition takes manufacturers to fight in each area, and this leads, for no apparent reason, a war of specifications. When that happens, you just lost the sense of progress. It occurs to face marketing, but not in order to improve what is finally delivered. Today we have known for Slashgear that Samsung will produce chips from next year 4GB mobile RAM.

Technical advances give much life to the terminals, but there must be a strategy that the end user’s approval principle, as anyone who appreciates the technological advances, the news fascinates me. In fact, I am the first who has advocated since the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that his biggest problem is not “bend” or autonomy, but your RAM memory, allowing them a much lower performance on certain tasks getting the iPad Air 2 with 2 GB of RAM. The arrival of the 4 GB of Mobile RAM also has much sense now, after the arrival of processors 64 bits to iOS and Android, which will manage 4 GB of RAM (although this not be the reason for the launch of the A7 by Apple).

But thinking a little more, but this news may not seem paradoxical. The truth is that even if completely different parts of the company, which is Samsung who bring 4GB RAM mobile market is, to some extent, ironic. Many manufacturers such as Motorola itself, HTC, and Sony delivered a great performance advantage over less hardware resources. A Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with 3 GB of RAM, has, in many cases it slowdowns caused by lack of resources generated TouchWiz. So, we have a Moto G or Nexus 4 that today still have a more refined perceived a flagship of the South Korean operation.

In conclusion, more specifications, yes, always favor the user. But the focus should never be put into them, and if Samsung is. We have gone from having 512 MB of RAM on the Samsung Galaxy S1 to 3GB if the Galaxy Note 3 and 4, and user perception is in many cases the same: everything could flow more. This is where efforts should focus on the end user experience.

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