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It has long discussed the benefits that can make press releases for SEO. For many years this technique was widely used by many SEO consultants. It was even commonly found in internet listings websites of press releases organized by language / country, with the manner of publication free, pay, depending on the links that allow you to add or broadcast that they were going to give releases.

SEOFor press releases, in my opinion, it has always been different from the items that can be posted. While some of the items of these sites have quality, many are embarrassed, to be gentle. Mere excuses to put a link to a website. Press reports, however, are a useful communication tool older than search engines. Add value, whether you are giving publicity to new product or service, reporting on the accounts of your company or your CSR policy. Of course, if the public Internet is also logical that you put a link to your site.

So while Google Panda poked hard to article sites, I found good that did not emerge anything related press releases.

However, in recent months there is a buzz about whether served or not served, whether Matt Cutts has said no, whether you criminalize or not … I’ll try to clarify the situation, in chronological order, but you go along the end Google officially equated press releases to advertising materials, and requests no mandatory follow the links with anchor text optimized and recommended for all links, even if they are not optimized anchor text.

In 2005, as Matt Cutts wrote a blog post talking Rand Fishkin, Rand did not think “wait improved PageRank by issuing a press release”.

In 2011, at SMX West, an event on search engines and social media to be held in California, Matt Cutts said that links to the press releases do not have to pass PageRank, but if a reporter read the press release and write your own piece of content on that subject and links to the site, that link does count.

In January 2012, an article published on the blog of Moz questioned the benefit of post press releases as a strategy for link building.

In December 2012 Matt Cutts answered a forum for Google to a question about the SEO press releases saying “I do not expect the links on the sites of press releases improve the rankings of your website.”

In January 2013, to remove this statement from Matt Cutts, SEO Consult agency conducted a test posting on a website press release a press release with link to the blog of Matt Cutts himself as anchor text using a word invented . Okay, there is therefore a competitive term, but the fact is that the blog Matt Cutts began to position for that word, just by being bound to use it on websites press release. Therefore, one thing seems count links from these sites.

In July 2013 Google updated its guidelines related content link schemes. Specifically, it added a reference to the press releases, about which he spoke of the articles. Therefore, it’s official: Google says “the links with anchor text optimized articles or press releases distributed elsewhere” unnatural links that violate its guidelines. Note that speaks only of links with anchor text optimized.

That same month Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land ask one of the workers most responsive Google SEO doubt, John Mueller, on this issue , for more information. Mueller’s answer is clear: press releases equates to advertising. When asked specifically about whether all the links in a press release should use the no follow attribute or only those with optimized anchor text, John Mueller’s answer is that although it may be enough to do no follow the links with anchor text optimized, he recommended as a safer practice do not follow all the links in the press releases.

And here’s the thing. A Google seems right to distribute press releases whenever you do not use them to improve our web site rankings. The idea, which always pass: includes a spectacular contained in your press releases (images, video, contests, prize offers, value …) so that people talk about it and link to you naturally. My opinion? Well, the press releases were around long before Google, and are a powerful communication tool. And worth distribute on websites of press releases, for several reasons. First, because it is true that journalists seeking information on them, plus many other places. But only because no matter how many links you have, but from many domains. And the sites of press releases give diversity profile links a website. So at least the first time you note distributed everywhere find quality, and subsequent stick to the top 5.

Of course, my recommendation is not to include from now on any anchor text optimized in the press, but simply a link to the URL to the website you want to promote. In signing it, for example, in the press release. Although the test we mentioned earlier demonstrate that the issue of anchor text works for non-competitive keywords. Because it is not functioning or not functioning, Matt Cutts right or wrong; what is it that when I did Google official in their content guidelines, put links with anchor text optimized and press releases and distribute them in places of press releases is a good way for your website to be penalized . If they catch you they’ll crack. And there are many victims of Google Penguin out there ranging from sobrados and who do not recover from his fall in traffic.

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