SEO factors that have recently changed


Formerly fill a page of keywords, get inbound links and optimizing an image supposed to have great chances to get the first position in any of the keywords that interested. Today, however, the reality is quite different.

Even compared to some months ago, the SEO factors have changed considerably, some being completely outdated techniques, while others are beginning to be increasingly influential. We go over some of these changes.

SEOThe content as a whole

Individual keywords (rather compounds keyword terms) are increasingly losing value in the SEO positioning, making allowance for the content as a whole it is what dictates one position or another space. Thus, the increasingly widespread and understandable at the same time to the user, texts are best positioned, as the search engines attempt that found transmit a more general understanding that point to a specific term.

The controversy over the links continues

The links remain vital to be among the top positions element, but the trend is clearly towards its demise. Searchers find it increasingly difficult to distinguish real links to purchase backlinks and even fictitious trade, what is motivating them to change strategy much clearer to other factors with which position its results. However, this change may take a long time yet, so it remains an essential factor.

On page optimization is gaining strength

Since the H1 and H2 styles browsing speed up a web page, on page optimization it is more important to appear in a better position compared to the competition. Added to this is the need to adapt to all mobile devices, will force numerous requests for web redesign in the sector.

Populism as a factor for success

Neither Facebook nor Twitter is a trendy environment for geeks. These early stereotypes are today completely rejected by the millions of users of social networks, which continue to maintain a good relationship with search engine optimization of a website. Although a direct link has not been demonstrated, any viral effect on a publication has resulted in an increase of visits, which can lead to the existence of other factors that enable better positioning.

Obviously the inverse relationship itself is obtained, so that a good positioning provides greater likelihood of viral content in another social networking least positioned. However, the number of followers being the key factor to determine the influence of a publication.

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