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Google has posted on his blog news searches on social google. Currently only available to and search in English.

Social MediaThe innovations that have been implemented are the recommendations of your circle of “friends”, among which are the Google contacts, of quora, flickr, and twitter following, although already appeared in a while, they did it in a way much more hidden in the bottom of the SERPs.

Now these recommendations twitter and your circle of friends were integrated between the results of Google, and even climb positions in the SERPs than recommended by your friends webs.

That is, if you follow my twitter account, and I recommend a link, that link will come out in better positions to specific searches, and below the result itself, a little message pops up saying that has been recommended by me.

Moreover you can link the accounts of twitter and linkedin google your account and choose whether you want public or private.

Gradually, the head being pulled social factors in the “algorithm” in google …

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