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Facebook and Bing recently announced an agreement under which Microsoft would offer search engine based on the tastes of the friends of the user making the query. In addition, Google has begun to include Twitter updates in its results. A trend indicating that both browsers are moving in a logical sense based on the existing social footprint and offering a user individualized and customized according to her results.

Social MediaBut experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) begin to wonder how this will affect their location strategies. SEO professionals have to change the way they perform their clients campaigns, adapting to a completely new needs.

That the nature of search engines change will not mean an end to the strategies of SEO. In fact, this industry, since he was born 15 years ago, has proven to be more than able to evolve according to market needs. When he started was but a small operation that carried webmasters and content services but now has become one of the most dynamic technology sectors and fastest growing also thanks to the constantly evolving nature of search engines.

It should also be borne in mind that, despite the agreement between Bing and Facebook and the inclusion of tweets in Google change some elements of how SEO is done, the basics will remain. Innovation will shape optimization processes, but the key core is always the same: put customers at the top of results pages, both through organic search, pay or social. The social media are nothing new in the world of marketing, after Facebook and Twitter, it is likely that searches also integrate other networks such as Foursquare, Brightkite, Gowalla and any other that is yet to be created. And this, from the point of view of professional SEO, only highlights the need for customers to integrate social networks, says Jor Devine, CEO of The Search Engine Guys, on Mashable.

The agreement between Facebook and Bing is a clear indicator of the changes that have led to SEO a small system to a completely new industry, not just react to the changes that occur in the landscape of search engines, but grow with the search engines and get involved with them so that users get the results they need.

As for SEO companies for years have been focusing on the results of organic searches and have been adapting to the new algorithms of Google, the emergence of Bing, Google Local, instant searches, charge and searches tweets. But for an SEO company to achieve success you must begin to consider its transformation into a media agency digital.En these agencies, the elements are the same as SEO companies, but a better product is achieved through more sophisticated and complex techniques. While maintaining the main objective to place their clients in top positions in search results, it is only one aspect of what they do, as they have to manage the reputation of his client, create and maintain a social presence, in addition to treating many other aspects of the online brand of their customers.

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