Starting a Video Marketing Strategy legendary Inbound

Video Marketing

The video format is becoming increasingly popular in Inbound Marketing campaigns because of their great power in the first phase of attraction. Motion pictures have always been the favorite format of the hearings, because a picture is worth a thousand words, but in that case how would be worth 25 frames per second? Yourselves the idea.

With the democratization of the audiovisual production and the rise of broadcasting platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion, the video marketing is presented as one of the newest trends of digital marketing But how to focus a campaign without starting videomarkeing house through the roof?

Video Marketing“YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google and video production is increasingly affordable, reasons that have driven the boom of video marketing campaigns”

Define the target video to your inbound marketing strategy

Obviously, our campaign videomarketing should be part of our strategy of Inbound Marketing, so the orient to the achievement of objectives. The first thing we ask is what do we get?

Video marketing campaign can be as diverse objectives as do branding, generating leads, positioned keywords, viralizar and generate engagement, and so on. Depending on the objective we define the amount, form, duration and tone of our audiovisual works What is best for us, a piece of 15 minutes or 3 capsules 5 minutes? What phase of the buying cycle is the audience we target? What effect do we want to produce at the hearing? How are we going to get?

Produce your videos

Once we are clear what we will need to work. Imagine that we have stipulated two brief interviews, a video demonstration of the product and two promotional pieces Motion Graphics.

Interviews try to give a touch of professionalism to our message, through testimony from industry experts and satisfied customers expressing their opinions and advice about our services. With an additional video demonstration, got dispel all doubts from our customers about how to use our products. These videos will surely be aimed at users who are in a more advanced stage of the buying cycle and therefore already show some interest in our services or products.

On the other hand, for those users “asleep” they need the first stimulus, short and generate more dynamic pieces in a voice that speaks of our product while an animation of colors and sounds fill the screen. To be dealing with users in a more immature stage of purchase, we have less attention on their part, and thus we focus on our message quickly, adding a call to action at the end tempting.

“The purchase phase in which the client we be headed will condition the entire format of our videos”

Spread your videos

Once we made our audiovisual works must publish to begin to attract users. We all know that the most recommended for this platform is currently YouTube, but we must not forget the others.

By optimizing the title, description, tags and comments from our video for a specific keyword, we will locate and achieve more visualizations. One advantage of you tube is that having less competition than in Google certain very competed words in that search may be easier to position in the video platform. And do not forget that the results of YouTube can also sneak into the SERPs of Google.

Google Adwords also allows us to create video campaigns to promote our audiovisual works. Whether in the form of in-stream ads (videos jumping on the player before the selected video) or display format (a recommendation in the sidebar), if we have a good video and we were right with targeting groups conversions will almost assured. In addition, Sponsored Videos give us the ability to add a call to action superimposed on video leading the user to the landing that interests us.

But the option to add this video exit leading to the landing is not only held by those with the need to implement a video campaign in Adwords budget. All videos of YouTube, whether sponsored or not, let you add notes and buttons leading to subscribe to our channel, to display another one of our videos or playlists or even going to an external landing to YouTube. To enjoy the latter need to prove to Google that we drive to the landing from our video is our property How? Quite simply, the domain must be registered with Google Webmaster Tools with the same e-mail Youtube channel.

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