7 features that should have a specialist Adwords

Google Adwords

If you like the world of SEM and want to become a real specialist in the Google Adwords program, you must have certain characteristics to carry out these tasks effectively. Analytical character You must possess an analytical character, since in Adwords you’ll have to work with data every day. Knowing…

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Create Customer Center (MCC) in AdWords


My Client Center is a free tool from Google that allows us to manage multiple AdWords accounts, either themselves or others, from a single account, can ‘jump’ from client to client easily, avoiding the need to loguearnos and desloguearnos ever we want to manage different campaigns of different clients.

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Mobile Tracking clicks on AdWords


The ValueTrack parameter, inserted in the destination URL of our ads on Google AdWords, allows us to distinguish the clicks from ads on the Search Network Display Network.

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