Take Advantage of Speaking Pictures – Read These 5 Tips

Speaking pictures are a great way to express your emotions and portray whatever you want. Speaking pictures clubs audio into regular images and makes it more vivid and vibrant. If you are tired of writing captions or spending hours on Facebook thinking about a good caption for your photo then speaking picture is your best bet. Voxweb a company that pioneers speaking pictures makes it easy for the users to capture and share audio images on the go. 


So how could you use speaking pictures to your advantage? Here’s how.

  1. Forego captions: Record what you’d normally put as captions. Let the emotions flow and be natural. By doing that, you would be saving a few hours per week that you normally spend while thinking of good captions for your images. Incorporate it across social media platformsetc, and you get the best blend of everything.
  2. Sharing audio images: You’ve tried Facebook, WhatsApp etc., and in any case, the way you share things is only through images or through Video. Well, that is now a thing of past. Now, you can share audio images with your friends to pretty much anyone in your phonebook. How will it help? It would let you share more interesting things without worrying about bandwidth – something that a single audio can wreak havoc on. Our resources are very limited, therefore, it is important to use things judicially.
  3. Clubbing difficult-to-write sounds: There are many sounds that cannot be correctly written in any language. Therefore, you can club the sounds in the image, so that neither you nor the recipient works hard on captioning or deciphering the image. It is a simple, efficient and brilliant use of technology.
  4. Native language: If you or your friend speaks a different language, you could google a phrase, and record the message and send it! You don’t need to worry about writing it. That’s much simpler than working hard to make up a message. Any language that pleases you could be put up with the image without any barriers.
  5. The space advantage: A video allows you a comparable exchange of emotions, however, we all know that it demands a lot of space and resources – both for storing and playing the video. The reason why people put so many images on social media and so little videos is because of the same thing. That’s where speaking pictures have a clear advantage over videos.

With all this said, it is a great stuff that you could use it to your advantage and champion the cause of sharing emotions with your near and dear ones. It is a neat and a great idea which puts exchange of more vibrant thoughts and feelings. Besides, there is a high probably that audio images will soon replace the conventional ones in weddings and important event.

So far, social media is upbeat. If you don’t have the app yet, then you can start rolling by getting the Voxweb app for free on android or iOS platforms and start engaging with the current fad of the world.


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