The 16 worst SEO tips that can give you


Usually see many articles that give good advice for our SEO strategy comes to fruition, but it is also interesting to consider the worst advice you can give. In a full network of networks forums, manuals, gurus and other stars of online marketing, one finds pearls in their day to day that have no waste. Here are some of them:

1. Generate content translating other items

It is a more common practice than we think. Many websites can not afford the financial burden of writing original content and quality every day, so this is a quick and bad way to get content.

SEOAnd to make matters worse, most use the Google translator. I is not suspicious, but the finder control everything, absolutely everything …

2. Use the rel = “canonical” regardless 301s or Rewrite

In many cases, the easiest solution to getting “pretty” URLs happens by using the rel = “canonical”. But what if Google had already indexed and updated the old URL to the new one? If we do a 301 redirect from the old to the new URL, we’ll have a nice 404.

3. Hire the cheapest possible SEO

Do not give many turns. The algorithm of Google is becoming smarter and a good SEO strategy requires certain resources. If they tell you 20 € a month you’ll be on the first page of Google for very competitive keywords … run!

4. Doing SEO

If your business is online, you need to do SEO. In addition, you help people like me continue taking work!

5. To base your strategy only on links, many links

Usually another common council. It is true that the links are key to an SEO campaign, but we can not neglect the part on page. Many companies only hire link building campaigns, regardless of your site is not optimized and not profit well that alleged trafficking.

6. Buy links galore in Fiver

Certainly you think that this is no longer done. Yes, there are customers who “support” your SEO actions with their own, “Hey, I bought 10,000 links for $ 5. In one week we’re on the front page! “

7. Getting links to force exchanges

Exchanging links is dead, although many are bent on not. It is true that there are ways to do it in a “more correct” way, without being reciprocal respecting issues and natural looking. But still they are sent hundreds of emails from customers asking for reciprocal link exchange and without considering the theme of the website.

8. Hire the SEO company that has the most beautiful and professional web

I have said many times that of “If they looked professional and web showed working with large customers.” And in the end it turns out that the company was engaged in having a nice web, rather than getting beautiful results for their clients.

Many companies recruit customers for the external and not internal. Research before you, ask for references and solve all your doubts before hiring.

9. Post a forum on your new website

I’ve seen several times. The forums are not so easy to manage or create as before. In addition, you will soon have hundreds of comments SPAM instead of content that you want users to generate.

10. Spend all SEO and nothing in social networks

A Google loves to Google+, and we can not deny it. Although there is no direct relationship between social networks and SEO, according to Matt Cutts in his latest video, everything is part of an online marketing strategy that will help the SEO.

11. Repeat your keywords all you can

We are in 2014 and Google increasingly presents more intelligent animals: Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird … Endlessly repeating your keyword you will not help.

12. Send press releases full of keywords

Item related to the above. Many websites send press releases through agencies plagued by keywords. Normally, the ratio will drop to almost zero publication. Online publications can distinguish an SEO text of an authentic press release. At the end you will spend money foolishly.

13. Sell links to repay the SEO

According to increase the authority of our website, it becomes more palatable for us SEOs looking insatiable links quality sites. Many choose to sell bonds to pay what they are buying.

14. Buy a book and do it yourself SEO

Eye, not that I think you have to be very intelligent or a superman to be SEO. But many website owners typically receive advice from a computer friend”, for that … you get it a book of SEO and do it yourself to save.”

It is true that the Internet can learn a lot, but in an unregulated sector without a specific and full of uncertainties training, experience, test / error and the daily life of an SEO is what makes you pose hire.

15. Add as many domains as you can to your site and put in all

You often find that an online business that sells a product has bought dozens of domains “rich in words” key and copy the site at all. We’re not just throwing money and our time, but that will not help us at all.

16. Use automated systems to translate your site

The content must be original. Okay, I know it’s unique and original content is already crushed, but it’s true!

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