The progression in SEO


A concept that sometimes does not quite jell in the arguments of online marketing consultants is the progression in the generation system links.

When a company or have a professional web site, the speed with which they want to reach the top of Google represents one of the major constraints we face.

On the other hand it is well known that Google does not like at all that if we want to position by farm weddings madrid, for example, generate three hundred links in ten minutes at that URL.

SEOThis is where some concepts such as the escalation will be addressed from this article…

A working strategy

Develop some activity continuously is the best way to generate a set of links extended in time and to give us results.

Thus, as in the houses and buildings there is a work plan that art foundation and ends as it builds the house or building, online marketing work in a similar way.

Yes, it is possible that an item when viralice broad scope and level of sharing itself generates many links quickly.

The alternative is massive traffic-generating links to accompany and, to give an example, a tax consulting in Leon without further ado has tens of thousands of links in two hours.

So we are talking about analyzing one by one the elements we put on the table, maximum projection into a temporary space might be called reasonable.

And as subjective facts is the Internet world full reason is that which is understood as logical if we were on the other side of the field, that is, if we were Google staff responsible for controlling spam and we saw the Profile of links we have.

Some facts to consider

As we are not very keen to leave it at that, without giving any clues about what we are discussing, it is interesting to lay down scales on how we should work this field and more or less precise magnitudes.

As we saw before in the field of construction and rehabilitation, any scheme who are up on Google can be an extremely interesting point of departure for us.

Thus, when generating links and look at the quantity and progression is usually an alternative look at the models that have the main sites and pages placed in key positions in Google.

For example, if we bill without being autonomous in see how the web is adapted to seo, how is information on bill without being autonomous and how a good performance in terms of content is achieved.

If we want to move up in google we take more steps in creating a good web environment, it is essential to get good quality links, and it would look strong keywords as billing autonomous, freelance and similar bills and thereafter We would analyze the competition.

With these fixed basis would have enough elements to get a good profile, nice eyes of google and get our profitability objectives through the creation of a system of links where prime quality and customer service.

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