The value of the profitable keyword


Some clients who refuse SEO positioning services or begin the process of strategy without good previous notions use the argument of “I’m already positioned.” There are mainly two clear cases in which happens this kind of dialogue between professional SEO and its confused client (although not yet know).

SEOThe most serious case and that usually a gradual disappearance is found, it is the customer who considers that its position is good because to find the name of your business comes first. In case outside (it never is) a so-called profitable keyword that appears in your domain as “flights” or “shoe store” itself would value its first position.

The second case, more often unfortunately, is one in which the client does have notions of SEO positioning and knows he must leave for a different term or company name keyword but you define your business or service. The problem of these cases it is the professional deformation, as they consider valid technical terms, when users walk never used.

What is profitable keyword?

A profitable keyword is one keyword or search term generated by visits from potential customers, that is, users who were interested in a subject and who unintentionally voluntarily find a web page, access it with a high probability of generating a commercial conversion.

In other perhaps more simply, a profitable keyword is a word sought by users and we are well positioned but also gives profitability either by selling a product, hiring a service or perhaps the single user’s visit.

For such customers above, the important thing is to identify the profitable keyword, as they have been betting on less useful keywords or even without a profit as in the first case.

However, SEO is a challenge here to keep in mind. The previous positioning should not be missed or sacrifice. Always win new positioning for profitable keywords, but the above should be maintained. Not by a demonstrable practical, but by the fact that the customer so will consider and because trying to win on the one hand while lost another always involves a risk of loss in both directions, which will mean an SEO results even worse than the actual.

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