Time Tested Strategies of Preparing for JEE Better

Preparing for the JEE mains can seem to be quite a daunting task. However, in reality if you properly manage your time before the big day, studying for this exam isn’t necessarily as stressful as you might think. The key to preparing for JEE better is proper and efficient time management. Here is a list of time tested strategies that will assist you in preparing for JEE Main 2016 better.

  • Start Early

It does not matter whether you were the kind of student who crammed at the last minute throughout your school life and still managed to ace your exams. As far as the JEE mains are concerned start studying as early as possible. If you wish to be amongst the top tankers of the All India Rankings then starting to study for JEE mains right after your 10th grade examinations.

  • Know and Understand the Subjects

Studying the JEE syllabus is not enough. You are going to have to acquire a genuine interest in mathematics, physics and chemistry. The JEE mains are more than just about cramming for the papers. You need to truly understand what you are studying. You need properly study not only the practical but also the theoretical aspects of the subjects.

  • Self-Study Is Essential

Although you may spend a number of hours in the day attending your coaching classes and school, you still need to find some additional time to study by yourself. So plan your daily schedule in a way that gives you enough time to not only attend classes but allows you to spend a few hours studying and reading by yourself.

  • It’s About Quality Not Quantity

You may spend 20 out pf 24 hours in a day studying, but still may not achieve your desired results. It is not about the amount you study or the number of hours you put in, getting an excellent score in you JEE exams is also about concentrating on those chapters that are considered important for the JEE mains examinations. To get more information about important chapters please visit – http://jeemainonline.in/important-topics-jee-main-advanced-syllabus-weightage/

  • Study Systematically

In order to achieve your desired results you need to make a daily timetable for yourself and stick to it. Studying concepts randomly is not going to help perform well in your exams. Rigorously following a time table and sticking to your study plans is more likely to get you top quality results.

  • Take Timely Breaks From Studying

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You need to take constant and timely breaks from studying to refresh your mind. Every few hours shut your books, go out for a walk or get some exercise. This is needed to keep your mind, body and soul active. People who have stayed physically fit during their JEE exams have seen better results than those who have not.

  • Avoid Distractions

When studying, keep aside your laptop, tablets and mobile phones. Social media and networking websites and chatting programs can prove to be a great distraction. Avoiding such distractions while studying will result in increased productivity.

  • Get Yourself a Mentor

JEE mains can be an extremely stressful exam that often results in severe demotivation. In order to prevent being demotivated, find yourself a good mentor, it can be anyone who you look up to your mother, father, friend, professor, etc. Ensure they are available to motivate you when you are feeling dull and low.

JEE Mains does not necessarily need to be stressful if handled correctly. Just prepare for your exams in a timely and efficient manner to get top results.

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