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Starting a web design or know how to do is information a little “insider only for professionals”, or so it seems because there are not many that have so clearly and concisely. So let’s break this handicap and talk about it you know in Multiplication: Design online stores and Web design in general.

1. What to do to start web design?

First: Choose a software! For less technical, web design software for a platform or program that facilitates the design of the web. A few years ago websites were designed from scratch, today there are many options to save you work.

WEB designSoftware can be closed or open source. What difference there are? Very simply, that the closed can not access all the code to modify itself while open, i.e. with an open source software can make any changes to the web. This is important because sometimes we use closed source if there are things that can not be done, but if we use open source will have more chances to be “creative” and custom design.

1.1 Closed source – Design your website and pay rent

When choosing closed code you are limiting your website to options that bring those platforms like 1and1, yellow pages, etc.

What is good about this?

It is an option cheaper, you’ll bring little budget, you’ll have made ​​so easy and quite fast. Sound good? Now for the bad ….

What’s wrong with it?

Such sites are limited, that is, all changes you have in mind you can not make them and the functionality and user experience will not be the one you want. Why? Mainly because these software offer several options already set. If you need something special or do not have many websites, it is difficult to offer you a solution.

If you need something very basic and low budget, p ou can be your choice, but I would recommend that in this case you do or try to do you a WordPress yourself. But all in good time, I do not want to get ahead.

1.2 Web design with open source software

Software open source websites, we can only recommend a choice of free software, WordPress , as its superiority is evident. Joomla is an alternative that is still used, fewer but still companies who know the software, preferring a known evil than an unknown good … I do not recommend Joomla to anyone, for clients is more complex to manage and computer too. We made ​​our first two sites in Joomla and WordPress when we noticed a tremendous improvement.

In another post our being like this but online shopping , we took three free software options: Magento, Prestashop and Woocomerce, a WordPress plugin. In this case, the recommendation would be WordPress 100%.

2. Web design as a web template or buy as designed

Once you decide to use an open source software (WordPress), you have two options: buy a template and start designing it from there or start a web design custom . If you need a simple web page, your choice is a template , sure to find a template that you fell in love. There are many websites where to find templates, I give you two of the best pages: templatemonster and ThemeForest.

2.2 Do you know which are the web design templates?

The templates are open source, so it can be changed to 100%, adapting it to your tastes and needs. So remember what I said in previous post on how to make it useful and user-friendly.

There are changes that require little time as changing colors, fonts, add elements within the options of the template or remove items from the structure.

Others seem simple, may require many hours of programming , it is possible that the designer did not think in those options when it designed the web template. Such as the position of the header elements, change the position of the columns, or any structural changes that have functionality not included in the template when designing it.

That’s key to choose a template that closely resembles the web design you are looking for . If you do not find any template you fit 100%, you have two options:

1. Request of hours of programming that would be needed for those changes.

2. Request a custom web design.

3. The information on your website

The key is to provide as much information in your site better. The information is already on the Internet, but you better find it in your website clearly.

The information on the offer pages of each service, trying to explain everything related to the service, how you work, etc. The blog is also a key part to provide information.

Being transparent makes you a better company, is the best way to build trust and value addition that forces you to keep you going to be better at what you do.

4. How to organize services on your web page

Your website has to be clear , do not make the user to enter and do not know where it has gone, makes clear from the outset your specialty. And you have to be very aware the Seo , think of the text, Google does.

5. Council PRO: Make video for your web

The videos are booming, are the boom for brands for several reasons:

Build confidence, they are good for SEO as it lengthens the time that users are on your website and Google interprets this as a better user experience. Create more interaction and more positive assessment among users. Basically, these are some tips to keep in mind when you embark on a new project either web design or online store.

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