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If you just bought your table or smartphone with Android, you know that there are countless possibilities that have henceforth to exploit at 100%, but like everything in life, when we find or acquire something new, it is totally normal to ignore all regarding it. But do not worry, we will try to guide you with some tips so you can tailor your new device Android to your needs.

AndroidProbably, if you ask someone you know who has already used Android, this will let us know which of them work for them, its own recommendations, according to their experience and use their own device, such as applications, utilities, and some tweaks (improvements) for the best performance. Do not forget that this is based on their own needs for communication, which in this case we will try to be objective, with general recommendations for you to get the best results, although not yet know much about your own device.

Android Battery Saver

It’s useless to a Downloaded device or whose battery life is just a few hours, we need our phone go as far as possible to avoid us being so recharge the battery every time.

  • Background applications: Often, when we acquired our new smartphone, are pre-installed many applications running in the background. All these apps are open consume a considerable amount of our battery, so it is advisable to remove them, since usually will not use most of them.
  • Unnecessary components: If you have to use the WiFi networks or Bluetooth all day, then just turn them off during the time that you do not use. That will help reduce battery consumption and better administer it. Another component that can be disabled to increase the performance of your battery is the Flash application, which can be found in Settings – Enable Plugins, and there you can choose to activate or deactivate as needed option.
  • Brightness on the screen: If you reduce the brightness of your screen, you will notice a reduction of energy consumption, and give your eyes not to be by the light.

Security for your Android

Being the most widely used mobile OS today on tablets and smartphones, is also the one who is most exposed to attacks and viruses, so take precautions so will not suffer the consequences of malware or a virtual attack.

  • Install Android applications certified by: If you install all the official Google Play store, then we will have problems, but if by chance we attracted some app that is not within the Android store, it is worth taking a few minutes to verify that the application is safe for our device. A simple search of the name of the application just need to know it.
  • Upgrade your applications: This is very important because if an application developer find any bug or any security breach of your app, will seek to include in the next update of the same application.

General maintenance for Android

Like Windows, Linux and Mac, Android is an operating system, and hence with everyday use it is filled with unnecessary files, temporary or useless applications, or simply stopped using, it is because all that computer waste and waste applications, our device is not running everything more efficiently.

  • Remove unnecessary applications: It is good to remove all those Android apps that are no longer used frequently, either because we forget that we have there or because it did not meet all the requirements we were looking for.
  • Trash Clean Temporary: Recommend maintaining our smartphone or tablet data that do not serve us; delete temporary files, email, text messages and files that are just taking up space in our memories every month.
  • Clear the cache of our Android: Daily when using the infinity of Apps that we have installed, it creates a buffer in memory, commonly called cache, which slows our applications and impairs the functioning of our device.

We hope these tips will be useful and you get the most out of your Android device.

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