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Twitter search engine can be, but what is already one of the most important and perhaps now one of the most used, at least on my part seekers, and the truth is that for now remains in the background, but the immediacy of results can reach unnerve the real-time search google.

TwitterThen I leave a series of commands, tips or tricks to search twitter:

How to search twitter?

  • Use OR between search terms to find or one or two terms. Example: find tweets love OR hate containing either “love” or “hate” (or both).
  • Use filter: links to find tweets that reference a URL. Example: seo filter: links will find tweets containing “seo” with a link.
  • Use since: immediately before a specific date to find tweets from that date. Example: superheroes since: 2009-08-21 find tweets containing “superhero” and sent from “2009-08-21” (year-month-day).
  • Use until:. Immediately before a specific date to find tweets that date Example: superhero until: 2009-08-21 find tweets containing “superhero” and sent to “2009-08-21” (year-month-day).
  • Use an at sign (@) immediately before a username to find citations and a user answers. Example:find tweets referencing the user.
  • Use a question mark to find tweets that perform questions Example (?). Seo? you will find tweets containing “SEO” to make a question.
  • Put quotation marks at the beginning and end of terms to find an exact phrase. Example: “seo expert” find tweets that contain the exact phrase “seo expert”.
  • Use near: immediately before a location (or a zip code) and within: immediately before a distance measurement to find tweets sent within a certain distance or location. For example: near: NYC within: 15mi find tweets sent within 15 miles of NYC.
  • Use: Immediately before a username to search for tweets sent to that user. For example: to seek tweets sent to the user
  • Used to find tweets with a positive attitude. Example: movie find tweets that contain the word “movie” and have a positive attitude.

And of course all of these commands can be joined to make even more precise searches, so a little imagination.

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