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Early in popularizing electronic commerce, some years ago when someone decided to make a purchase through the Internet and I commented to friends or acquaintances, at first, always caused by one side a little astonishment and some other distrust answers like “but that is it legit?” “to see if they’ll steal card data” “to know who you are giving the money.”

googleHowever, today, the fact of making a purchase through the Internet has become normal and increasingly grows more confident users.

To this confidence increases, Google has introduced Google Trusted Stores, a new certification program for e-commerce stores.

The company itself says that this is about giving consumers greater confidence when buying online products. Stores that achieve this certification will be credited with a badge, which can boast on its website, certifying that is an e-commerce website confidence (at least by Google). The verification information will always be hosted under the domain so nobody can self-certify himself deceiving consumers, just as it does with certification programs Google AdWords and Analytics.

This badge will be located in the lower right corner of the website and when a consumer hover above, the following window will be displayed indicating the percentages of trust Technical Support website has reached.

To access the qualification as “Trusted store” must complete this form ranges of data sharing about our company and also meet performance requirements to reliable customer service. Google will evaluate services such as delivery times, quick resolutions against conflicts or low volume of returns.

When a buyer makes a purchase at a store with this certificate of trust, Google will give you the option to select free purchase protection. Then if a problem occurs, you can seek help from Google and they will try with the merchant and the customer to address the problem. In addition, Google offers purchase protection for life of up to $ 1,000 for purchases that qualify. At the moment only purchases within the United States could be protected.

Before, Google also warns with a list of “forbidden sites” that may not have access to have this accreditation as adult sites, drug, marketing tools, bingos, casinos, miracle cures, online games, financial services, travel, real estate, cars, weapons, etc.

Similarly we warn that Google Trusted Stores is now in a version very ‘Beta’.

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